6 Things You Didn’t Know About the adidas Harden Vol. first

Harden Vol. first undoubtedly adidas’ most heavily promoted basketball shoe in recent years. Here are 6 interesting things around the shoes of this “chef”.

snkrvn_adidas_harden_1_new-24 upcoming color schemes of Harden Vol. first

1. adidas just “accidentally” launched Harden Vol. 1 in Europe.


On the 6th of November, adidas Harden Vol. 1 is available online on the adidas EU web for the same price as the adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit. By the morning of November 7, all products had been taken down from all adidas online stores. Although EACHSHOES cannot confirm that if anyone can quickly buy, adidas will ship the goods or not, this is definitely a humorous technical error from adidas EU.

2. James Harden has put a lot of effort into the design process

adidas Harden Vol.1 SNKRVN

Since the $ 200 million deal went to James, he has been invited by adidas to come up with his signature shoe concept as a co-creator. He meets with adidas Basketball vice design director Brian Foresta weekly to discuss and give his feedback. On the contrary, adidas also urged him to come up with more breakthrough ideas. This also partly explains the adidas Harden Vol. first.

3. The toe part of the shoe is actually a shell


Similar to 2010 Air Jordan for Dwyane Wade, Harden Vol. 1 is designed with the toe part separate from the shoe body. This prevents your toes from being constantly blocked while playing ball. It can be said that the shoe is a thick sock covered with a layer of leather on the nose. This design was brought to match James Harden’s mostly toe-to-toe gameplay. All his step-back, euro step moves make the toe easy to slip and crash into the toe of his shoe. That’s why adidas redesigned the nose longer to avoid unnecessary damage. In addition, the skin “shell” helps to protect the foot from being stepped on by others, something that James is very common with.


4. The sole of the adidas Harden Vol. 1 is created from 3D printing technology


adidas used the ARAMIS technology it used with Ultra Boost to find out where the Harden needed the most grip. Thanks to ARAMIS, the locations where Harden is most pressured will be shown on a heat map. Since then, the diamond-shaped base of Harden Vol. 1 designed out of 3D printing to fit James Harden as much as possible. On the sidelines, on the Harden 1 design desk you can see outsole pieces with circular soles similar to the Air Force 1. It is likely that this is the original design of the sole.

snkrvn_adidas_harden_1_new-1Boost sole and outsole template by Harden Vol. first

5. The adidas Harden logo is more subtle than you might think


Harden did not want to have a logo on his own shoes, so adidas designed a simple, sophisticated logo that was finally “green lighted” by James. You can easily spot the letter H on the logo, but do you recognize the J with the tail in the middle? The 3 vertical lines on the logo also make up the adidas logo. The frame of the logo also represents the circle in the middle of the basketball court.


6. The “Pioneer” color scheme by Harden Vol. 1 used to be on Crazylight Boost 2.5


There is no denying the similarity between the two shoes, right? In addition to the same black and white color scheme, both use the asymmetrical lacing system and burrito-shaped shoelaces.

adidas Harden Vol. 1 will launch on December 3 this year in the US (possibly sooner in Europe after last night’s event) for $ 140. Please follow EACHSHOES Now for more latest information.

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