A detailed review of Under Armor HOVR Havoc – A new beginning for “The Process”

Leaving adidas and two PE models behind for the new season, Joel Embiid embarked on a new journey with Under Armor. Carrying his mission of “more than a game”, “The Process” is working hard to fulfill what he promised earlier. In the first 13 games of the season, he is very hot at 28.8 ppg, 12.8 rpb. Accompanying him are the HOVR Havoc – the newest shoe of Under Armor.

I. Design, Material

With a full upper from mesh fabric and fuse, HOVR Havoc has a somewhat “normal” appearance especially in white background color schemes. However, Havoc has a pretty “fine” fastening system. The first 5 holes are staggered with the 3 through the leather on the sides of the nose on the outside and the 2 holes connected to the cable in the fabric layer. Going too up is a piece of cable on the outside of the upper, which ends with two piercings on an elastic bandage. In addition to HOVR Havoc, the only shoe with a “level-level” system is the Anta NASA Galaxy SEED.

The inside of the shoe body is a fairly moderate cushion and runs steadily through the heel, ankle and tongue. Remaining can only mention the plastic heel cup that helps the heel.

HOVR technology is very evident on the heel due to being revealed inside the EVA outer cushion. Perhaps this is one of the strangest foam technologies I’ve ever seen. HOVR is almost wrapped by a mesh fabric, then wrapped in a plastic sheet, which fits neatly in an EVA shell. HOVR is also only available on the heel for damping while the nose is still the basic EVA material.

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The emperor of HOVR Havoc is very popular and many contact points, a typical indoor base with extremely thin herringbone texture. The sole is almost taken back from the previous Drive 4.


436 grams at a size of 10US, the HOVR Havoc high is not too light, but is fine for a pair of big men.


  • Right size
  • Suitable for many types of legs
  • Sturdy heels

Due to some confusion, I took the Havoc size 10 pair instead of 10.5 as expected. Except for a few times where it is a bit tight, this Havoc version is quite comfortable fit compared to the old Under Armor models like Black Ice or Drive 1 but quite close to Curry 4 and Drive 4 recently.

With simple materials and extremely ambiguous but effective lacing system, I can hardly think of anything to criticize about this shoe. The upper is moderately thick, no creases, almost no break in time. The heel was pretty tight, and yet its low neckline I wasn’t sure after Patty Mills had lost his shoe.

The two straps and the high heels make anyone feel quite secure. Although it is not as tight as Soldier IX, it feels more comfortable.

III. Adhesion


  • Herringbone is very clingy
  • The sole is a bit thin, so it can’t be outdoor

The bezel is almost identical to Havoc’s Drive 4, which yields a few slightly different results. First, the grip is much better, especially at the corners due to the “floating” design that protrudes outward to maximize the contact area. Havoc clings well to all the pitches that I come, whether it is wood or flat cement.

Second is the thin embossed pattern that makes Havoc easy to become smooth after a few times playing the cement field. There are a few passages on my shoes that are about to say goodbye even though I have avoided the gravel, rough courtyards.

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Havoc is one of the most clingy shoes you can buy this year, all thanks to the proper use of a few decades old soles.

IV. Buffer / Cushioning


  • The nose is just basic foam but is quite bouncing
  • The heels from HOVR provide excellent damping
  • Transition is smoother than Drive 4

With the new HOVR technology, Havoc looks extremely impressed with the “window” to reveal the technology inside. Pressing it on, you can see it’s very thick, smooth and wrapped in a layer of mesh fabric and a plastic layer as if to prevent it from becoming “too smooth”.

In fact, since the HOVR is only on the heel, it will be difficult to feel a discernible difference, especially the first few times. HOVR is quite smooth, it is smooth in the way that almost all vibrations are “relieved” thoroughly, quite difficult to describe. It is not soft, but instead stretched like an inflated tire. The extra large HOVR pad takes up the mid-foot section and the heels provide a thick, compact foot feel. The nose part, including EVA, is very gentle and quite bouncy, not “dead” sponge as I thought.

The slightly rounded sole and HOVR piece make “human” feel very smooth when running compared to Drive 4, a shoe feels a bit oversized.

V. Support


  • Wide sole but without outrigger
  • Good fit, solid material

Havoc High feels quite minimal for a shoe but does it better than most of the boots available on the market. Good wiring is one, the bandage that helps the ankles are two and is also an important factor that makes the HOVR Havoc high neck version more valuable than the low neck version.

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The lightweight upper part with HOVR material at the heel helps to lower the center of gravity of the shoe, along with a flat sole and supple midsole material to help support the better sprinting phases. Outside of the HOVR underneath the heel, there’s a plastic pad that also does the job of the regular midfoot shank.

What I do not feel very safe in Havoc is that the base does not have the edge of the base like Drive 4. But the compact design, compact legs, low chassis bring a sense of safety when running and jumping. Even the rimless outsole of the Havoc base is as wide as the Drive 4 with a rim.

BECAUSE. Conclusion – Under Armor HOVR Havoc High

  • Material is very simple but effective
  • High neck, good fit, hugging heels
  • Cushioning is very good compared to the price
  • The sole is very clingy
  • Light


  • The design is a bit “ugly”, a bit like Drive 4
  • The sole is too thin for the outdoor

A lightweight shoe, suitable for all positions with a comfortable, cushioned sole. Fit the right size, the legs are up half the size

The low cost ($ 115) and simple color scheme make HOVR Havoc a team shoe on par with adidas Pro Bounce and Nike Hyperdunk. For now, Joel Embiid hasn’t really brought any marketing power to this line of shoes, but let’s see.

Along with the SC30Zer0 II and Curry 5, HOVR Havoc is one of the shoes worth a try from Under Armor this year.

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