A warning for the future from DVRK and HBS in the collection “High Winds May Exist”

After 2 years of operation in Vietnam streetwear market, DVRK has quickly won the love of young people thanks to the quality and youthful lines present on each needle thread. On the opposite side, HBS (Hanoi Boyz Swagg) has also built a huge fan base from their spooky and impromptu BSTs, making the name HBS one of the big guys in the streetwear industry at Vietnam today.

Reaping the outstanding success from BST The Darkness That Lurk Within You All, DVRK continues to mark its maturity when shaking hands with the brand HBS (Hanoi Boyz Swag) to bring a year-end blockbuster for young people to break the way.

According to the information EACHSHOES Yes, this collab collection will include 5 models from trench coat, hoodie to unique T-shirts with impressive graphic prints.

“The future is always fuzzy and fuzzy. What will happen to us? “We absolutely cannot know in advance.” That’s what DVRK and HBS are trying to declare for their year-end “High Winds May Exist” BST collab.

The collection will be released online on December 20, 2017:
Worldwide at website: www.dvrkclothing.com
Vietnam at website: www.dvrk.vn
And instore on December 23, 2017

With the cooperation with talented directors Linnea South Backstrom, DVRK and HBS have proven their tolerance and seriousness in the streetwear market of Vietnam. Linnea is a Swedish-Korean filmmaker from Los Angeles. Currently she is a director at a large record studio for rappers and artists in LA. She is famous for her short films and music videos from Asia, Europe and America. And on this occasion, she continued to challenge herself with quality fashion trailers, like the one above that she shared with ATN Studio shake hands with DVRK and HBS.

Some of the pictures Behind The Scene of the video:

Photographer: Max Hoang Trinh


Source: A warning for the future from DVRK and HBS in the collection “High Winds May Exist”
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