Adidas alphabounce 2017 Review – Training shoe stereotypes breaker

Launched in the early 2007, the Adidas a3 Bounce emerged as a futuristic product with its unique “pipe base” design and cool and smooth performance. However, time has passed along with the emergence of countless advanced technologies that gradually pushed BOUNCE into an old history book page of the German brand.

It is often said that the best things of the future have a patchwork of the past. Indeed, if it weren’t for the appearance of the base with the iconic round rubber hoses for the past year, then surely the quietest cushions we’ve experienced from adidas today would never have been. appear.

But cherishing a buffer to return the highest energy (energy return) for the user who remains there, gradually becomes a dream and a guideline for the development direction of the water giant for many years. Virtue. With the “handshake” with the chemical company BASF, that wish came true in 2015 through the shape of the tiny capsules, which are also known as BOOST. Succeeded by success, adidas went on to release a new cushioning technology called AlphaBounce – as a continuation of the unfinished book page, as well as letting the World know that rubber cushions could also be achieved. The same performance as Boost technology did.

Design philosophy sounds abstract at first, but it actually comes from the things that an athlete’s most important thing – consistency; hard; simplify and diversify into the powerful curves of the AlphaBounce shell. Along with state-of-the-art breathable fabric technologies such as Engineered Mesh and FORGEDMESH, the product gradually becomes the first choice for both sports and daily life purposes.

It is a researched and tested product on athletes, but AlphaBOUNCE is attracted by its mobility and ease of use. The sporty design is somewhat simple, less cumbersome in terms of details, bringing a product that is suitable for all clothes and everyday activities from playing sports to working. For the same reason, AlphaBounce is becoming adidas’ fastest launch product in terms of both color schemes and new designs for the product line.

The most common and easiest options are the names AlphaBounce EM and AlphaBounce RC with the addition of technology on the original design. EM represents Engineered Mesh, besides its inherent performance, EM gives a more eye-catching look with classic tones like Green Moss; Red Wrapped Do or White Gray with improved airiness many times.

Particularly for RC, this product line is towards comfort and lightness with reduced weight and cost for consumers. On this design, simplicity exists in basic colors like Black / White; Blue, Black Gray and Dat Moss, perfect for the hustle and bustle of urban life.

This October is also a technology and design boom with the release of the tall-necked AlphaBounce design. “SEEMLESS DESIGN.LIMITLESS PERFORMANCE” – the must-have standards of a sporty and fashionable shoe are pushed to the highest level through the supporting elements present on the product. Surrounding the ankle is a FORGEMESH cover that transforms the shape of the foot, creating the most comfortable stretch for each different table. Therefore, this product also removes the wireframe and replaces it with a zip lock so that it can be arbitrarily changed according to the bundle that the user wants. Last but not least, the CONTINENTAL rubber cushion used in the manufacture of automobile tires has now been applied, complementing the adhesion and maximum durability of this AlphaBOUNCE version.

However, a defect that must be mentioned in this tall version of AlphaBOUNCE is quite difficult to wear shoes. Especially the zip lock is quite hard and difficult to adjust when wearing shoes.

With a score of 91 out of 100 on the site RunRepeat, AlphaBounce has quickly entered the top 20 running shoes of 2016/2017 and is still on its way to continuous improvement recently. From such advantages, it is not difficult to find a certain athlete using such as DeAndre Hopkins – the football player of Houston Texas; Kyle Rooney – sports writer of HNHH and SneakerMob newspapers and many artists use everyday like Snoop Dogg; Chance The Rapper or 2Chainz.

With outstanding technology and modern design, AlphaBounce is also the first choice of many young stars. They are all young people with a liberal, strong style and love innovation. It can be said that AlphaBOUNCE has completely met these criteria, and has gradually become a close friend of them in recent times. (Check out the pictures of these stars with the theme “How to coordinate the quality with Alpha Bounce”).

It is certain that AlphaBOUNCE will become a trend of choice in the coming time for many young people.

In order to experience these amazing technologies, the thing to do right now is to visit the adidas stores. After that, please share with us how you feel.

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