adidas D Rose 8 “Knicks” was the first color scheme to debut in Asia

Contrary to the fans’ judgment, the D Rose 8 series turned out to be the decision to release “Knicks” as the first debut color scheme for this product line in the Chinese market. Although only being together for only a short season, but “Big Apple” is probably still an option that Rose is still very sorry to leave because of her injury.

Similar to Howard, adidas is also slowly rejecting this “do more than lucky” contract with the temporary design of this eighth signature shoe. The shell is divided into 2 layers with a camo-cloth nose mixed between White and Blue, combined with a flexible plastic frame with the role of bonding and hugging. Besides, the powerful slits not only beautify, but also play a part in the part of the foot for better support.

If nothing changes, the new product line of “Roses” will officially be on the shelves in early September next with the estimated price of about $ 120. Looking forward to more new information from EACHSHOES.


Source: adidas D Rose 8 “Knicks” was the first color scheme to debut in Asia

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