Adidas D.Rose 9 Detailed Review – Falling roses?

In addition to Kobe, the Derrick Rose shoe line probably has the most stable performance ever (for shoes with 5 or more copies). But this version 9 probably goes against that tradition despite its pretty looks.

I. Design, Material

Material on Rose 9 is the most beautiful mesh fabric, the best quality I’ve ever seen on a basketball shoe, looking very light and yet luxurious. It consists of a thin soft layer at the bottom and the top is a lot of criss-crossed “strands”. In addition, straight from the nose to the tongue has an extra “layer” of stronger fibers for reinforcement.

Like Rose 8, version 9 uses a rather peculiar type of wiring with “holes” made from exactly 1 string running across the reed.

adidas Rose 9

The design of the heel is quite high, but it is streamlined and fashionable. The heel is also reinforced in a similar way in the nose. In addition to the heel cup, we also have a piece like suede wrapped around the heel.

Bounce material was first used on Rose’s mainstream with thick and tapered heels. The outsole layer uses a completely new omnidirectional blade traction.


  • Half size wide to 1 size. Double-sock required
  • The nose is extremely wide
  • The heels are quite hugging, not slipping

Foot piercing on Rose 9 is extremely comfortable, comfortable, can be said to be quite smooth because the mesh fabric feels very comfortable and the amount of heel sucking is moderate. The first minus point I saw was that the wiring was pretty bad. It’s a bit tall, the sides are close together, and there’s no guarantee that the shoelaces really hug.

Compared with Rose 8 using fuse, mesh fabric as well as the more sophisticated “line”, Rose 9 is too simple and does not bring a feeling of lockdown completely.

An even bigger problem, though, is that the Rose 9’s nose is extremely wide. I’ve always gone size 10.5 with all the Rose lines ever and if Rose 8 was just a bit wide then Rose 9 would be even bigger. Rose 9’s size 10 makes me dare not take it out to play football just because its nose is too wide.

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Although the nose is extremely wide, the length is completely normal. Image comparison between Rose 8 10.5 and Rose 9 size 10

This problem is temporarily resolved after wearing 2 socks, something I rarely have to do. Right now, at least I dare to run and jump a little. Overall, the fit of the Rose 9 will be quite fine if you double sock, the heels are solid, but the upper part really does not give a tight grip because the mesh material and the wiring system is too simple.

In this situation, maybe we have to go to size 9.5. Previously, there were only 2 pairs of adidas that I had to wear this size: adidas adizero Crazy Light and adizero Crazy Strike.

III. Adhesion


  • Covered in all directions
  • Need to wipe if dust is encountered
  • Durability is quite good

One thing many people mistakenly think that Rose 9 is equipped with rubber adiwear is because the first color scheme sold is the “Summer Pack” and the feature of the Summer Pack is that all shoes are equipped with outdoor soles. Until I received my “USA” color scheme, I realized that I was “tricked” :(.

Rose 9’s base pattern is an omnidirectional blade traction similar to Dame 3. The coverage of the directions is quite good thanks to the use of multiple areas with different cleat dimensions. In the real test, the grip is quite good, not bad or too clingy. You will not be able to fully brake in a “tight” way, but it is “slow but firm”. One minus point is that you will need to wipe the dust if you play on a dusty wooden floor, but the number of such wooden courts in Vietnam is pitifully low now.

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Personally, I am quite confident about the durability of Rose 9’s sole because of the extremely dense arrangement of the cleats (but that is why it is against bad dust). Dame 3 with a similar design also has a decent level of durability, so I believe Rose 9 will be quite resistant to abrasion. One or two sessions at the Medical University yard did not make this pair as sharp as other double signatures (PG, Lebron).

IV. Buffer / Cushioning


  • Full-length Bounce but the nose is too stiff
  • Smooth heels, good damping
  • Good transition

The first impression after bringing Rose 9 on the field was “Ah, these pair use Bounce, the heels are quite smooth, but why is the nose so hard ???”. If the heel is rafted out, the good compression is added to the hole in the fabric under the lining, the nose sometimes makes me feel like a piece of plastic.

If it weren’t for the press on the outside, I still feel the slight compression and the complementary images show that Rose 9 uses full-length Bounce, I really can’t believe this is Bounce. Even the hardest bounce I’ve ever met on Light Em Up 2 is not this hard.

With the double sock combo with the break in through a few sessions, it can be said that the nose cushion is also okay now. But the material of the nose is weak and not tight on my legs, making me feel not very excited. Meanwhile, if Kyrie 2, Kyrie 3 is hard or how hard it is to go extra 1 size, it still feels more secure.

Rose 9’s rather simple padding does not add to the feel of leg hug and is softer

However, since ex-MVP just scored 16 points in 21 minutes of playing against GSW, I will try to test more.

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V. Support


  • Sturdy heels, sturdy material
  • Flat, firm base
  • Containment is okay

Temporarily, this is an item that the Rose line has never failed. The shoe frame includes the outsole, the Bounce cushion and the extremely sturdy heel. The base of Rose 9 is not wide and has a clear edge like the 7 but due to the thinner midsole and changing the material from Boost to Bounce, I have no problem.

“Containment” is not so bad, but actually Rose 9’s fit system is a bit bad, making me hesitate if I have to suddenly turn sideways. Is there an extra rubber on the edge of the Rose 9 to protect the midsole?

adidas Rose 9

BECAUSE. Conclusion – adidas Rose 9

  • Appearence
  • Smooth heel cushion
  • Sure
  • The sole is quite durable


  • Fit is at least half a size wide
  • The nose is extremely wide
  • Hard nose pads

The first Rose after a long time seems better suited for guards than big men. Can be used for outdoor. Fit half to 1 size wide.

adidas Rose 9

Apart from the fact that Rose 9 is quite beautiful, it was a bit disappointing to actually take it out to play football. If not my feet are recovering from injury, I might like the Rose 9 a bit more but this is actually a step backwards compared to all previous models.

I can feel the designer Rose 9 wants it to be a true D.Rose fast shoe while using this new material. Just a little fussy fit and the Bounce cushion is a bit catastrophic.

adidas Rose 9

Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Rose and have the right foot for these shoes, Rose 9 is still a bad choice. Currently, Rose 9 is priced at approximately 2 million, much cheaper than Rose 8 (from VND 2 million to VND 3 million).

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