Adidas Dame 3 Review Detailed – Stylish or Ergonomic?

Let’s find out: Adidas Dame 3 Review Detailed – Stylish or ergonomic?

With Lillard 2 becoming the king of low-cost shoes of 2016, adidas has slightly increased the price from $ 105 to $ 115 for Dame 3 (Since version 3, adidas D.Lillard has officially adopted the name Dame). Is this change worth our extra money? Here are the comments of the EACHSHOES team about this shoe.

If Dame 2 is fully designed both above and below, Dame 3 is reduced to the top half pretty much. The new material used is a very tight braided mesh fabric that is heat-pressed in critical areas. The seamless design is still retained but is much more different with the Lillard logo tilting completely aside.

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adidas Dame 3

To strengthen the thin fabric and give the shoe a breakthrough, adidas decided to use two super thick leather on the sides. According to the company, you can freely choose the way of wiring with this design.

adidas Dame 3

The midsole padding is no different from the version 2, but just below the two leather pads are two plastic pads that help cover the foot. Finally, there is a bar-shaped cladding set with a rather sticky rubber material.

adidas Dame 3

At 10US – 44 EUR, Dame 3 has a weight of 438 grams per unit, which is quite heavy.

Similar to Lillard 2, you should buy half a size for the best hug because the amount of padding around the heels is quite thin. The nose cable layout also seems more plausible as both Crazy Explosive and Crazylight Boost 2016’s toe bundles are not occurring. The adidas mesh fabric used this time around is much sturdier and more leg-fitting than the Rose 7.

adidas Dame 3

Due to the special design of Dame 3, the putting on of shoes can be quite annoying. Plus, you will need at least a few days to find a way to tie the rope properly to you without slipping off your heels. I myself found it enough to add an extra hole, but the line of Dame 3 is still a bit short for this way of tying.

adidas Dame 3

And if you have found a way to tie the rope already, the challenge is not over. The two plastic pads that cover the padding make the soles of the feet quite painful for the first week. It can be said that before reaching the necessary “nine”, the first days with Dame 3 were quite difficult. But then we have a pair of pretty cool and extremely comfortable shoes.

After the success of Brand Black and its bar-shaped sole, Adidas and Nike are both having their own versions. Dame 3 has a set of textures that cover the entire soleplate and cover most directions. The heel and toe sections are also quite similar for more stable performance than some other shoes (Kobe AD).

adidas Dame 3

In the medium dust-free courtyards, Dame 3 hasn’t shown any problems. The stand is extremely loud and jarring and exhibits excellent grip. The only weakness is probably the durability because the rubber used is quite soft and difficult to last for long on the cement floor. However, after a few times bringing the outdoor, Dame 3 did not wear out very clearly. You can still choose to stick the soles instead of having to go to buy new shoes.

adidas Dame 3

For some reason, I myself do not feel the bounce of Bounce in models like Light Em Up 2 or Lillard 2. Maybe partly because adidas used a hard cloth under the sole to reduce the compression. of the buffer? For Dame 3, adidas used a thinner, firmer liner as well as a pad in place of the hard fabric. Not only that, the adidas also cuts the lines in the heel and nose to give you a more bounce feel.

As you can see in the image above, the Bounce is the white padding placed in the frame (in black). The black frame helps to cover and provide the strength needed for both shoes, while the white foam is at the root of Dame 3’s bounce and smoothness. This cushion is extremely soft and bouncing and is extremely comfortable. Combined with the frame layer we have a combo that is good at bearing, quiet as well as durable.

adidas Dame 3

Of the basketball shoes with Boost, only Crazy Explosive feels similar to the Dame 3. Temporarily in the mid-range segment perhaps nothing can match Bounce, and Nike’s new React will probably be used with more high-end shoes.

Only the way of dissecting Dame 3 out or entering by yourself can you understand how it “pot of bronze and stone” like. In addition to the extremely thick leather, there is also a hard plastic layer on the heel to help cover the heel. The entire cushion layer is also wrapped up high to hug the entire foot, not to mention the mesh fabric is also reinforced by heat pressing.

adidas Dame 3

The wide sole also brings stability for people to go, the 3 size 44 Dame pair is not equal in width as Crazy Explosive size 44 2/3, but with the edge of the base, both are “eight-pounder half a pound”. Not to mention the gravity distribution of Dame 3 is still “heavy butt” than making the center of the shoe lower than the appearance.

adidas Dame 3

As mentioned about the hardness of the soles of the feet above, Dame 3 in addition to 2 pieces of plastic on both sides also has another piece of plastic under the sole. This is also the reason why you need to break-in Dame 3 a lot before you go to the ball game. In return, this is also the sturdiest low-necked shoe you can earn.

adidas Dame 3
adidas Dame 3

Although the design is a bit “messy” and a bit “bronze pot of stone”, Dame 3 is still a very worth buying shoe if you can withstand the initial discomfort. Thanks to that, Dame 3 can be suitable for most positions and gameplay due to its versatility and certainty. Currently you can buy these shoes for quite a cheap price if you are hard to find (Reference).


  • The Bounce cushion is quieter than before
  • Good grip even when dust is present
  • Hold your feet comfortably when you find a way to tie
  • Definitely more shoes of the same size


  • The shoelace is a bit short to try all the piercing holes
  • Heel pad, reed slightly thin
  • Hard soles

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