adidas Originals caused fever with “Shadow Soldier” – Nite Jogger

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Just closing 2018 with the collection of “top” sneakers of the year with Alphatype, adidas Originals immediately excited the shoe community with the launch of “Shadow Soldier” – Nite Jogger. The shoe blends inspiration from adidas’ past legacies, mixed with the modernity of signature Boost technology. According to EACHSHOES, Nite Jogger promises to stir the world’s sneakerheads with its unique and attractive appearance right away.

Nite Jogger 2019 and Nite Jogger OG 1976

Nite Jogger was first released in 1976 and quickly became the first sneakers version of the adidas to feature a reflective 3M fabric. After decades of this material only on protective suits and clothing, by the end of the 1970s, 3M fabric was finally applied to footwear and other accessories. It can be said that adidas is a pioneer in applying hi-vis technology commonly found in protective clothing to its sneakers.

With the original design of running shoes, adidas favors Nite Jogger for customers who love to practice at few people hours like early morning or late evening. The time when everything around seemed to sink into the silence and the night, then the “warriors” of Nite Jogger stepped out to enjoy their own space. Inspired by the pair OG 1976, adidas brought the 2019 edition of the Nite Jogger. However, in this release after 40 years on the market, Nite Jogger 2019 has a completely different appearance with the materials and technology equipped inside.

Style and color:

One thing that makes EACHSHOES extremely proud is that our country’s adidas Originals launches Nite Jogger at the same time as other countries around the globe. Moreover, the price is also much cheaper than some markets like Germany or England. Because of the Originals line, the Nite Jogger’s case is still the familiar blue color that any sneakerheads knows well. With a rather special shoe design, EACHSHOES had expected that the shoe’s bundled box would have some kind of reflective layer or some interesting detail.

Returning to the main character Nite Jogger, impressive shoes with black-orange color scheme. When you look closely, you will see different layers alternating on the upper. However, all have only one unique black color that reminds you of the dark night. True to the nickname that sneakerheads often call fun about Nite Jogger – “Warrior or son of the dark”. Thanks to the orange details on the nose and heels, combined with the reflective parts, the Nite Jogger adds an impressive and attractive look. With a little catalyst thanks to the flash or a strong light source, you will see the true beauty of Nite Jogger in the dark.

Design and technology:

Overall, the upper of Nite Jogger uses quite a few different materials quite similar to the current shoe design trend. If you regularly follow the news on EACHSHOES, surely you guys have had a strong influence of “chunky sneakers” on the sneakers market during the past time. Chunky couples always impress others with multiple layers using a variety of outstanding materials and colors. Our Nite Jogger, although the color is quite simple, but the material is equally rich.

Besides the combination of stretchy, breathable mesh and ripstop nylon – a special technique-reinforced nylon woven fabric that gives them a durable natural stripe, waterproof at a light level. Interspersed with them are smooth suede fabric covering the toe, lacing the shoelaces and the fenders. Finally, there are 3M hi-vis reflectors commonly found on protective clothing or travel.

The opening of the reed

Another interesting thing when looking at the Nite Jogger that makes EACHSHOES immediately excited is that the laces are also equipped with 3M reflective fabric. However, they are not as obvious as on the heels or the Three Stripes logo on the side. Even the reed has been cared for by adidas with a difference when deliberately sewn to reveal a bit of the padding inside. The most special is the Morse code sequence next to the adidas logo on the reed. With the message when encoded is “The speed of Nite”. Temporarily translated: “Speed ​​of night”. Every shoe detail from the smallest shows the strength in the night of Nite Jogger.

Chicken tongue with Morse code sequence

In addition to the distinctive fabric on the upper, the Nite Jogger is also equipped with the famous adidas Boost cushioning. Ensuring to bring smoothness and comfort in every movement of customers’ feet. The plastic frame behind the heel connects the upper and the cushion base to help your heel withstand more force when moving. Boost cushion in the middle, EVA foam outsole further contribute to durability, good energy recovery in your steps. If you need a shoe suitable for a variety of everyday activities, Nite Jogger is sure to be the perfect companion for you.

Experience and fit:

Using unique adidas materials and technologies, combined with a sock-line neck design that makes it easy to remove or put your shoes on, Nite Jogger has all the needs you need most for a pair. daily sneakers. It’s both comfortable and comfortable and well ventilated. If many other sneakers are reviewed when you often have to choose from half to one size larger or smaller, then Nite Jogger will not worry you about this issue. The shoes perfectly fit the actual size of your feet.

Merging ability:

With Nite Jogger, you do not need to be too hesitant about choosing the right outfit. You can comfortably combine shoes with jogger pants or a simple T-shirt like the outfits you choose every day. As long as that style makes you confident to be yourself, you will promote the true spirit of Nite Jogger. The basic black color scheme and a few different color details make the shoe quite easy to mix with many different outfits and accessories. From outfits for school, work or some outfit to late night parties, Nite Jogger won’t let you down by helping you stand out and shine in front of the crowd.

Currently Nite Jogger was officially released on 12/1 only at the adidas Originals Bitexco store. Also in this launch, Nite Jogger has quite a small number of shelves. With a price tag of just 3,600,000 for a special edition like this, the Nite Jogger deserves a spot in your sneakers. Quickly buy a “dark” version for yourself and show off to your friends, why not?

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