adidas Psycho releases UltraBoost All Terrain for all terrain

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With increasingly wet weather with cold winds and sudden rains in many places, adidas is extremely excited to launch the UltraBoost Terrain version. The adidas Terrain line of shoes is known for its trekking and climbing products. However, applying the Terrain outsoles outside with midsoles Boost is a very strange thing. Although you are a loyal fan of adidas, I dare to make sure that you only remember the lifestyle versions of this shoe brand. So, to expand my shoe lockers with more specialized versions or to easily travel a variety of terrains, I think you should take some time to learn about these shoes. The adidas UltraBoost Terrain below is a prime example.

adidas UltraBoost Terrain

Since it is for cold and somewhat humid days, the shoe combines a variety of materials on the uppers. Just a quick look at this part and you can see that the Primeknit is combined with some mesh and the bonded fabric. The cage cage helps to fix the heel to stand out with the “hot” avocado yellow color of Autumn and Winter. The adidas creative team did not forget to add off-road icons to further emphasize the spirit of this off-road shoe. Another plus point of the adidas UltraBoost Terrain is the main color black that spreads evenly from the uppers to the soles below.

It’s almost year-end season, but adidas has yet to announce an official release date for the UltraBoost Terrain. With wet rainy days like this, adidas should release a little early, right?

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Source: adidas Psycho releases UltraBoost All Terrain for all terrain

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