adidas Pure Boost ZG “Zero Gravity” – An upgrade to Pure Boost

Pure Boost Performance + Casual line is the most popular of all models Boost of the adidas is about to return with a new and stronger look and updates for better performance.

In 2014, we are known for a Pure Boost with a very beautiful, simple Casual design and with the most advanced technology of adidas is Boost. A product that brings together advantages such as good price ($ 100), thick, smooth and stylish Boost insole has helped Pure Boost somewhat be recognized as the shoe of the year.


In 2015, we received a newer, named upgrade Pure Boost 2.0 with slight variation in both design and material of the product. A thick leather layer in the frame of the product, plus a thick fabric, but creates better air permeability in version 1, has also made Pure Boost 2.0 extremely popular. In addition, we can also mention other features that adidas has paid great attention to modifying such as the increased rubber on the soleplate, the insole for more beautiful colors and the Boost layer has also been increased a little bit. However, the iteration of the design, and not bringing about any unique changes, has left Pure Boost outperformed. Ultra Boost – a super product and the most popular product right now in the adidas Boost line.adidas-introduces-the-pure-boost-2-121

Just recently, images revealed of a new version with a cool name Pure Boost ZRZero Gravity“Has been sent by adidas to its customers – the implication of a more complete, stronger, smoother and lighter product like its name No Gravity.


No naming Pure Boost 3.0, EACHSHOES I think this will be a byproduct of the Pure Boost line because the innovation in ZG’s design has completely smashed the sympathy that consumers have for Pure Boost. Famous for its simple and casual design, but ZG brings a very heavy design and has a bit of Ultra Boost, and mentioning Pure Boost also has to mention a completely Boost base with extremely thick TPU – But in ZG is the Boost cushion that combines the same rubber layer outside the Outsole (whether this is the rubber to wrap Boost or EVA rubber sole). adidas-Pure-Boost-1 adidas-Pure-Boost-3 adidas-Pure-Boost-4

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The design change is also easily noticed in the 3-striped frame and layer Heel cage To protect the heel, these two changes are difficult to predict the feature that it will bring. And in this version of ZG, we have 2 choices with 1 version Mesh (breathable fabric) costing $ 120 and 1 version Primeknit (woven fabric) worth $ 140, let us know in the section Comment Below on this big change.adidas-Pure-Boost-5 adidas-Pure-Boost-6


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