adidas silently testing new technology on adidas Stan Smith One Piece Leather ‘Triple White’

One Piece Leather? That is the phrase you will have to ask yourself what it is and why is adidas silently testing it?
You may have heard of a project called THE FUTURECRAFT – this is a project that adidas is focusing on R&D (Research and Developing) – roughly translated as the Research and Development team of products and technology. new.


During the FUTURECRAFT project, adidas used to show off a superstar pair made from one piece of leather and the details put together. With this technology, all the combined raw materials for a shoe will be completely minimized and labor and material costs are saved a lot.


And adidas is quietly applying this technology to sneakers that set a Guinness World Record – Stan Smith. Creates a product on only one ingredient, which is a piece of leather. The tongue is attached to the shoe body, everything is perfect and clean.


Certainly, in the near future, products with reduced production steps will be the premise for brands to compete with each other. Because saving and reducing the cost of producing products is the goal that all brands aim to maximize profits. In addition, when the production process is shortened, the finished shoe will be delivered to consumers and the product life cycle will be much faster. This will trigger a competition with the Fast and More goal, to meet the demands of diversifying product designs.

Congratulations adidas and invite you to learn more about the FUTURECRAFT project now here!


Source: adidas silently testing new technology on adidas Stan Smith One Piece Leather ‘Triple White’

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