adidas Tubular Defiant “Black Stars” – A charismatic black star

Tubular is probably a design that has been developed by adidas at this time through a series of versions that have been released. And recently adidas has launched a new version of Defiant in the Tubular family called adidas Tubular Defiant “Black Stars“Only for women.


Simple, subtle in each line is what can be said about this Tubular Defiant design. With the simplified upper part to the maximum, and the soft lines that make a product that is considered rough become so meek. The most striking and unique detail is in the neoprene strap with the image of black stars, next to the heel with the words “Banned from Normal” will make the girls stand out from the crowd with their personalities. this.


From now on, the girls can copy this Tubular Defiant sample at Afew with the price of 138 $ USD (~ 3tr2 VND) offline!



Source: adidas Tubular Defiant “Black Stars” – A charismatic black star