adidas Tubular Nova and first Primeknit version

If it was in the 80s adidas has caused waves and is famous for its product line Zx Family, now we continue to receive a new wave named Tubular Family.


Most famous in 2016, Tubular Doom The prospects have shown very good prospects with SOLD OUT continuously at major websites of Russia, America, Japan, the United Kingdom and Korea. However in order to meet the higher demand for delivering the best experience and performance, adidas has continued to ship to a product Tubular new with the Upper layer Primeknit super airy and super light. Get the entire color scheme of the product line Tubular 93, adidas is creating a link in the past and the future to bring meaningful products to his fans. adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-02 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-03 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-04 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-05 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-06 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-07 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-08 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-09 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-10 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-11 adidas-tubular-nova-primeknit-3-colorways-12


Source: adidas Tubular Nova and first Primeknit version

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