adidas “Waving Flag” for the spirit of “America’s Favorite Pastime”

adidas Waves the Flag

Surely you will be wondering, what is “America’s Favorite Pastime”? This is a favorite American phrase to say about their favorite sport. What would you think of other than rugby. But Americans, they have an older sport than that, and that’s baseball. Given the popularity and a long tradition in American culture, baseball is undoubtedly at the top. Even though football is more popular today, baseball is still “America’s Favorite Pastime”. With such a strong love for sports, adidas launched the “Wave the Flag” collection on the occasion of this event.

The NBA season is over, the spirit of sport has to switch to another arena until October. And there is nothing better than the baseball of “America’s Favorite Pastime”. MLB – Major League Baseball, also known as the American Baseball Federation, will be held next week. And adidas spent an entire colorful trilogy celebrating the MLB All-star game. The “Wave the Flag” pack includes adizero Afterburner, Icon cleats, and Icon Trainer. All three stand out with a colorful dazzling upper interspersed with midsole and white reed. If you love this version, you can order it right here website by adidas already.

adidas “Wave the Flag” pack


Source: adidas “Waving Flag” for the spirit of “America’s Favorite Pastime”