After Alphatype, NMD Racer continues to be favored by adidas to launch a new color scheme

If anyone says adidas’ NMD line of shoes has been “disgraced”, then he or she has to review his judgment and get more news updates. Not only adding new generations, adidas is also constantly releasing more color schemes for NMD. The most notable is NMD Racer. After the Alphatype BST debuted on November 22nd adorned these “hot” shoes. adidas also introduces another version of the NMD Racer.

adidas NMD Racer GORE-TEX

This brand is completely mentality and understands what customers need. With cold and humid weather in winter, the new shoe version incorporates GORE-TEX fabric inside. Water-resistant material is excellent and ensures your feet are always dry. For those who regularly work outdoors, surely it will be no stranger to GORE-TEX. Although adidas has incorporated this fabric in several shoe versions. However, they are just above a limited number and are not yet widely available. With erratic rainy weather like Vietnam, NMD Racer GORE-TEX is probably a shoe version worth considering.

NMD Racer stands out with a white-black color scheme with some red accents on the heels and ankles. Besides, the shoe upper is noticeable with the combination of Primeknit and GORE-TEX. The words “GORE-TEX” are printed all over the upper. The design trend of “full logo” is quite popular with brands recently. The familiar three-striped logo in translucent is located on the upper side. Coordinate smoothly with suede cover behind the heel. Finally, the familiar Boost base is located in the midsole.

Currently, adidas still does not have any official information about NMD Racer GORE-TEX. However, many sources believe that they will be released around December. Regularly check webstore by adidas so don’t miss this unique version.


Source: After Alphatype, NMD Racer continues to be favored by adidas to launch a new color scheme