We are very happy today brings you an enjoyable experience with the AIR MAX ZERO shoes, the shoes are the beginning of the beginning.

This article, which is shared by Tinker Hartfield, perhaps without him, Nike would not have thrived with the Air Max. Perhaps without him, the sneaker community would not have been able to begin the era of dramatic change and change that it is now.

Let’s break the box of Air Max Zero. Besides, each sentence under the photo, is the sharing, the thoughts that “Design Wizard” Tinker Hartfield sent.

The sneakerhead let’s feel it!

The clock has finished 2 o’clock in the morning, the sneakerheads, and our editors are still sitting here, looking for writing materials and sharing the most useful and up-to-date information for you. We carry within us an aspiration, that the neaker community will step into a new position. We read more, we share more. Perhaps never, we feel so happy, because of what you have supported, contributed your opinion to us. First of all, on this March 26th, we, SNEAKER VIET NAM BOARD OF DIRECTORS, would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you, the sneakerheads who have accompanied us to create a sneaker information channel. and street style fashion. What we promise, is to bring a lot of useful and timely information to you. So each time you close the page or website, you will accumulate more and more knowledge.

Now officially 2.03 AM, March 26, just a few hours away. Sneakerheads from around the world will celebrate the Nike Air Max and honor this sneaker line. And we can’t wait to bring the first Nike Air Max ZERO box-knocking image right now.

Looking at the first image above, perhaps you have also seen Nike’s appreciation for the launch of the AM Zero pair this time. A plastic cross-strap bag in black stripe trim, featuring the signature orange box containing AM Zero shoes. Along with that is the signature of designer Tinker Hartfield on plastic tags, insole pads and even wrapping paper, … Enough to see how much Nike treasures the Air Max Zero this time.


This is a pair of AM ZERO with size 11 US, you can see it is MADE IN VIETNAM, be proud of being the hands of people making this sneaker.


Tinker Hatfield shared about this pair of AM Zero that: “Back then there was no exact description, but only a strong belief, as most Americans believe in God! And at that time I just thought that I was a part of NIKE and I would create a product for the world to admire the brand. ”


I remember very well how hard we tried to make the air pad and grow it up. And we want everyone to see it and understand every detail inside it. Our ambition is to create a truly explosive revolution, not only in technology, but also in art. A product perfect in every detail for Jogging purposes.


“You know, not everything is just an air cushion! It’s a design philosophy. Had to do something different, better, and be very impressive. And all of those philosophies must be grouped into one object, one product and the shape. Creating excitement and 1 thing creating an explosion that completely changed the community. ”


“Happily, this product is a product that is ahead of the future, not only in terms of its design philosophy but also in technology.”


In particular, these were shoes whose requirements were so high compared to that time that no material was found to make this AM Zero shoe.


Perhaps as a result, we created the AM 1 pair that kick-started our 28-year journey to date. AM Zero plays a very important role and is the first premise for laying the foundation for AIR technology.


I spent a lot of time sketching the upper, an important part of a runner’s feet using only the most primitive materials. This is a product that I think needs to incorporate to support the foot and how to put the NIKE Swoosh brand on it.


The support belts (the middle part of the shoe body) create a soft beauty, but not neat, making the shoes very smooth. And this shoe is also the inspiration for many products to be designed later.

And this is the NIKE AIR MAX ZERO.

Thank you for watching, although short but enough to see that Tinker Hartfield has put all his enthusiasm and mentality to create AM Zero. A completely changed shoe as originally intended.

Thanks to Tinker Hartfield and congratulations on the NIKE AIR MAX anniversary !!!

Please share what you think about the NIKE AIR MAX with us, sneaker.