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Talk about Air Jordan Usually we will remember Jordan pairs like 11s, 5s, 3s … and yes, Jordan 3 over the years has been and always is one of the most loved Jordan pairs thanks to its delicate design. Tinker Hartfield, history and more than that is its fashion. Today the magazine EACHSHOES Pleased to bring you a detailed and aggregated ranking of the best color schemes released by the company Air Jordan 3 year by year.

23. Air Jordan 3 WMNS retro “Harbor Blue” – 2007


First, we will meet with a female color scheme that was released in 2007 – Harbor Blue. With simplicity, the main upper is white, with a blue dotted with blue out sole – harbor blue, this is a worthy starting color scheme for our rankings.

22. Air Jordan 3 ”Joker” – 2013

Air-Jordan-3-Joker2 (1)

The strange color scheme with the name is also very unique “Joker”, which is inspired by one of the best villains of all time of DC comics. Regardless of the compliments, “Name Clown” also deserves a place in this ranking.

21. Air Jordan 5lab3 “Silver” – 2014


Released in 2014, a Nike Lab product with a combination of 3M reflective material from the Air Jordan 5 to the Air Jordan 3. Normally the reflections would be really nice, but this time it’s reflective silver, and on a shoe that is typically trendy, it’s not so perfect, so we have 21st place. And this shoe There is another brother, also released in the same year, the Air Jordan 5lab3 “Black” is a little better thanks to changing the 3M color tone to traditional black.

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20. Air Jordan 3 retro “Stealth” – 2011


As the name suggests, the shoes look very hidden and mysterious. But it is also a mystery that this Jordan 3 “Stealth” pair has 3 colors that are quite similar to another brother, but the reception is not equal. There is a bit of something that still does not highlight the beauty of the talented design from Tinker Hartfield.

19. Air Jordan 3 LS “Do The Right Thing” – 2007


Are you a fan of Air Jordan? So you must know Spike Lee? If not, the character Mars and commercial chain sparked the movement of collecting shoes or creating sneakers head today? Yes, director Spike Lee has the most intimate relationship with the Air Jordan brand (AJb) so it is no wonder that every Jordan line has his own pair and this color scheme is inspired by the set. film of the same name directed by him.

18. Air Jordan retro “Sport Blue” – 2014


Do you like the color scheme “Black Cement”? And “True blue”? Ok, “Sport Blue” is a product when you put it together. Nice look, nothing to blame, but it seems AJ has run out of ideas for her new shoes.

17. Air Jordan 3 retro “Powder Blue” – 2014.


It’s green again, but this time it’s upper green, green elephant print. Not too outstanding, not expensive, but the beauty of “Powder Blue” still has certain charms.

16. Air Jordan 3 LS “Silver” – 2007air-jordan-3-retro-ls-silver

The Air Jordan 3 is favored as a line of shoes with “Lifestyle” versions for its trendy designs, and one of them features the “Silver” color scheme. Gray and orange really create a beautiful, trendy color scheme that is later learned from “Wolf Gray”.

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15. Air Jordan 3 retro “Crimson” – 2013


Another pair of Jordan 3 has a color combination that has nothing to blame, but unfortunately “Crimson” just changed from white of “Fire Red” to black.

14. Air Jordan 3 Wmns ”Blue Turquoise” – 2015


The mint green of the “Tiffany” color scheme has never gone out of style, nubuck is also a very beautiful material but unfortunately “Blue Turquoise” is only female size sneaker heads.

13. Air Jordan 3 retro “White Infared” – 2014


There is still a bit of a difference between the Jordan 3 color schemes here, although we still recognize this as a beautiful color scheme.

12. Air Jordan 3 retro “Fear” – 2013


“Fear pack” has created a fever on both Jordan 3, 4 and 5. Oiled Nubuck and the combination of red orange and black top created a real fear for sneakerheads when Nike sold out – out of stock.

11. Air Jordan 3 retro “Mocha” – 2001


Born in the first generation of retro Jordanians, “Mocha” 3s carries the colors of coffee and cocoa. Despite the different compliments, fans are still waiting for this color scheme to reappear during the past 14 years.

10. Air Jordan 3 “BHM” – 2011


Launched in the “dark” month, replacing the elephant print with a texture laser. Luxurious pure black and iridescent gold, perhaps during the past many years, this is the best color scheme of Black History Month.

9. Air Jordan retro “Pure $” – 2007


Pure ? Simple ? Homely? This will be Pure Money for you, a simple Jordan 3 pair but different because it is all white. Three years later, Air Jordan released a similar “Silver Aniversaru” version, but it couldn’t be “hot”.

7-8. Air Jordan 3 “Flip” and “Black Flip” – 2007, 2011

air-jordan-3-retro-flip-black air-jordan-3-retro-flip-white

Everyone loves having “elephant skin texture”, and so Jordan’s designers have turned the shoes into an elephant print. Black Flip and Flip have created both a design trend where we only see a “cement” fingerprint ?! However, the word “Flip” and their hotness still won 2 positions in this chart.

6. Air Jordan retro “Black Cat” – 2007


Black, as the name of Michaek Jordan’s nickname – Black Panther? Does “Black Cat” deserve to be one of the best color schemes of Jordan 3?

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5. Air Jordan 3 retro “Doernbecher” – 2010


The Doernbecher Foundation for pediatric patients in Oregon each year receives huge sums of money through the sale of sneakers from Nike and Jordan. In 2010, the boy Cole Johanson drew a beautiful color scheme, told his stories as a daily pediatric patient who lives hard and optimistic every day. “Doernbecher” 3 years was a boom, it was so big that this shoe was released twice. YES, YOU LISTEN WRONG, NIKE ISSUING 1 DOOR OF DOERNBECHER TO 2 TIMES.

4. Air Jordan 3 “Fire red” – 1988


One of the first color schemes, “Red Fire” and its simplicity and sophistication come in at No. 5 with ease.

3. Air Jordan 3 “White Cement” – 1988


The first color scheme, the origin of it all, is the inspiration for everything that follows, including the chart’s # 1 color scheme. “White cement” represents pure beauty and historic landmarks. (The shoe also had a special collab with Skull Candy headphones)

3. Air Jordan 3 “True Blue” – 1988


This is the most retro Jordan 3 pair. This is also the Jordan 3 with the most expensive resell price, the blue is eternal and the beauty of “True Blue” is the same.

1. Air Jordan 3 “Black cement” – 1988


And yes, our prince – also known by Vietnamese head sneakers by the familiar name “Cement”. Black cement contains perfection, ranging from red to black with the same brand of elephant print, with perfect quality and too many retro times. “Black Cement” throughout the history of Air Jordan 3 has always been considered the best color scheme, the most sought after and the prices are not cheap. It is “black cement” that has created a longevity for Air Jordan 3 over the years.

EACHSHOES Thank you for following the chart of the best color schemes of Air Jordan 3, we will be back soon with other even more unique and hot charts, stay tuned to SNKR VN to receive Get the latest information on the national and international sneaker and streetstyle community.


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