Anta KT 3 Low Review “Black Panther”

On the occasion of King T’challa landing in the theaters officially, Anta has launched a special product line for Wakanda’s fans. With the words “Property of Wakanda” on each shoe, this is probably the coolest X Marvel basketball shoe in recent years.

But Wakanda Forever !!!

I. Design, Material


  • Fit the correct size (note that Anta does not have size 44)
  • The nose is slightly open above
  • Good lockdown, don’t touch your feet

If knit was the material that Earthlings used for basketball shoes then this special edition played Vibranium for the upper layer. It is actually a very strong woven / braided fabric, easy to clean. After the “Vibranium” layer is a very thin inner bootie, but with the same heel cushioning as the Nike PG 2.

Loose midsole layer made from EVA and EVE (a variation of adiprene, adiprene +). That is, on the main foam from EVA, you will have two other foam pads on the nose and heels. One in the nose helps to increase sensitivity and the other in the heel for increased damping. In addition, the foam in the small segments at the bottom of the base is carved into a honeycomb shape to increase compression.

The base pattern of the KT 3 no longer uses the omnidirectional 5WD design like the old models, but completely replaced it with a variant foot pattern.

Fun fact: The designer of Anta KT 3 used to work for adidas, he is the man behind the old adidas Rose models. In addition, the sale of the KT 3 is still not his “final form”, but there is another detail to design for Klay’s dancing style. Hopefully in the next version, he will keep all his ideas on the final version.

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At the same height as PG 1 and 2, KT 3 Low is more like a mid or 3/4 pair than a complete low neck. 6 very simple piercing holes are enough for the shoes to hold the heels. However, there’s still some extra space right on your toes if you’re difficult. The regular knit version will probably not experience this problem as far as nightwing2303.

In addition, the KT 3 Low Black Panther is very quiet thanks to the Ortholite liner, the inner bootie and the midsole almost no break in. The simple design also minimizes the need for footsteps.

III. Adhesion


  • Durable rubber, high adhesion
  • Good grip in all pitches
  • Less durability than KT 2 due to the cleat design

A circular base pattern around the toe pad provides a better grip. Anta has also been known for its use of a rubber that is more clung to and durable than Nike and adidas for the past few years. On every field I tested, I have not encountered any slippery situations.

The durability of KT 3 encountered a step backward when the design was more agressive than version 2 with the soles radiating around instead of “diving” into the soleplate. So the outer edge will be eroded rapidly compared to other areas. However, the main rubber material is still very durable so you can still rest assured, especially this midsole design helps you comfortably stick the sole if needed.

Anta KT3 Low Black Panther

IV. Buffer / Cushioning


  • The nose pad is responsive and smooth
  • Thick, smooth heels, good damping
  • The base leaves between the nose and the heel, so if running, you will see a “gap”
  • The damping is quite good
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If adidas is the pioneer with the “insert” sole (placing 2 foam pads with different density on the nose and heels) with adiprene and adiprene + technology, Anta is currently the one who makes the best use of this design. The EVE nose pad is extremely thick and bouncing and is easy to feel. In addition, the bottom edges are cut with a honeycomb shape, which also makes navigation a little easier. This is probably the best “insert” midsole design I’ve ever met, just behind adidas’ Pure Motion OG.

In addition, the heel with the insert is not bad. But the thing I like second after the nose is KT 3’s liner. It’s thicker and quieter than the “3 stripes” and “swoosh”.

Anta KT3 Low Black Panther

One point to note is that because there is a gap between the nose and the heel in the sole, the heel run will fall in the middle. This design is quite solid, suitable for a pitcher like Klay but probably not for everyone.

Anta KT3 Low Black Panther

V. Support


  • The “Vibranium” details are solid
  • Wide base edge
  • Fit well

Anta designed for KT 3 a hard plastic heel / midfoot piece similar to Sprint Frame of the old adizero line from adidas. It both protects the heel and supports the soles of the feet, helping to reduce material. Along with the sturdy “Vibranium” fabric and details such as the sole edge, the midsole also wrapped up the heels and nose ensures the best support for “Black Panther”.

Anta KT3 Low Black PantherAnta KT3 Low Black Panther

BECAUSE. Conclusion – Anta KT 3 Low “Black Panther”


  • Solid materials, the design of the Black Panther is very cool
  • Fit and lockdown in good heels
  • Nasal cushion, smooth
  • Cling to the yard
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  • Soles are not really for outdoor
  • The nose is a bit extra
  • The “Vibranium” wrapped wire at the end is a bit heavy and entangled

Suitable for all positions but inclined to throw jumping style, spot up shooter. Fit the right size.

Anta KT3 Low Black Panther

Anta KT 3 Low is a surprise for me in terms of materials use as well as performance. In addition to Li-ning Wade with the price and high quality materials, the Anta KT 3 is the signature shoe model from China “damaging” and the most worth money with RR V, TP IV and Howard 3 running behind.

Anta KT3 Low Black PantherAnta KT3 Low Black PantherAnta KT3 Low Black Panther

The price for the regular version is around 1t950 but the Black Panther version is about 2550k. Contact: Facebook Kicks Geeks.

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