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How to properly clean suede on sneakers

Of the many materials that make up sneakers, perhaps Suede is the most difficult to clean. Suede is easy to color if exposed to a lot of water, it is easy to ruffle if using hard friction objects on the surface. In addition, Suede is extremely susceptible to hardening and drying if exposed to excessive […]

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Adidas Dame 4 Review – It’s Dame Time!

What does Ykwtii mean in Dame 4? Holding Dame 4 in a single turn, the words YKWTII caught my eye, almost in my head it reflected the sentence “You Know What Time It Is”. Adidas has done too well in marketing for the adidas Lillard / Dame and brings a very interesting “personality” to this […]

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Top 5 Best Luxury shoes suitable for Spring / Summer 2019

2019 has passed its first quarter with a lot more surprises on the trend of sneakers compared to the predictions of late last year. However, the luxury sneakers market does not have too many surprises with the dominance of retro style and transparency. So let’s find out what are the best representatives of this Spring […]

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Best 10 Vans collaborations of 2017

2017 is already half way through, but Vans is continuously releasing high quality collabs with other big names like Supreme, UNDERCOVER, … I wonder what the other half of the year is for Vans. So everyone, please join forces with EACHSHOES to take note of the 10 most valuable Vans collabs in the post below: […]

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