Cara Delevingne – Formula to be legendary: rich, beautiful, no matter what!

Cara Delevingne has come to fashion from hatred and anxiety …

Coming from a prestigious family, from the parents of the golden girl “Delevingne” to her sister, godmother, grandfather, or even ancestors many generations ago are extremely bloody characters. in social. People who just type in the same surname Delevingne, you can get a very long Wikipedia survey on wealth and status.

But few people speak up about the dark side of the noble life. At the age of 15, before she became the “vedette of the vedette” – Little Cara had to cope with depression. Her 16-year-old share is the story of how she hit her head with a stick, what she herself did just to try to make herself faint.

But hatred, anxiety, events go from small to big that urged Cara’s life to take bold changes. At the age of 16, the leading name of the fashion village dropped out of school to lay the first bricks in his modeling career.

It was Cara Cara is young, rich, and afraid of nothing!

Like the nature of the entertainment industry, the modeling industry is racing to produce a batch of talent “lots” in an extremely short period of time. Each peach girl in each period has a burning appearance, charming eyes, the ability to perform, to knock out all eyes.

But, the big question arises, how to become a legend, and how Cara himself answered this question very well.

Although she does not possess the most beautiful face, but looking at Cara, we can see the characteristics, inspiration, and lifestyle of every girl in her era of birth.

She redefined femininity. Not having to show off her waist size, Cara makes people remember forever with the spirit of the times. Cara suggests norms that people would never normally think of. Only when Cara appeared did people realize that they wanted to live like her, wanted to be like Cara.

She is young, she is rich and she is afraid of something.

If other girls struggle to enter the showbiz by showing off their bodies expecting the paparazzi to take pictures, Cara doesn’t need it. She radiated an aura of carelessness and stubbornness. The other beauties are worried in tight-fitting outfits, making a sloppy pose in front of the reporter camera, and she casually makes a bad face, goes up to the table, runs wildly like a boy.

Even on social channels, when people take care of bikinis, interesting trips to please “Instagram diners” cool eyes, Cara calmly posted the ugliest moments.

She loves animals, she acts, she loves children, she runs campaigns with her aura. In the fashion village, she is just her, a Cara who does nothing but herself.

The last thing is a really “wild” Cara and “thousands of people desire” eyebrows!

She is not only rich, beautiful, careless, she is talented, really talented!

From modeling career …

Cara is a special model chosen by the “king” Karl Lagerfeld to hold hands to greet the audience at the end of the show.

Cara continuously models for Burberry collections, perfectly portraying the image of a noble and elegant lady.

Appeared on the catwalk as the sexy angel of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand hit show.

… to a “designer” with her own signature bag model from Mulberry.

Cara’s beautiful image as Enchantress in the hit movie Suicide Squad.

For a noble lady, Cara is more than rebellious. For a successful person in showbiz, she is too blunt. However, to make people remember forever, Cara tried, tried to be herself, and she was a legend.

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