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For sneakers, shoe shopping is never enough. But sometimes when the economy isn’t in abundance, people will find a way to refresh their sneakers. Some people do it again, someone attaches accessories, but the simplest way to handle it is to dye the shoes.

Custom is no longer a strange term. Custom designs sometimes get a lot of love and support from the community. Not simply redrawing, sneakers are increasingly custom made. From material changes to meticulous lines that require a lot of work. However, along with that is a large amount of time and money spent. If you can’t afford it then try Highsnobiety-led shoe dyeing for a new look.

Many people fear that they will destroy their existing shoes if they are not dyed properly. But Highsnobiety has brought a very detailed instructional video on how to dye a standard shoe, which is very simple to adjust. The video tutorial will need 9 items to complete, ngeh may seem like a lot but in fact is extremely simple.

  1. Old clothes to avoid dyes
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Dyestuff
  4. Liquid soap
  5. Brass
  6. Country
  7. Dye
  8. Color retention pills
  9. 1 pair of sneakers

Some of the tips for more effective dyeing are getting your sneakers completely wet so that the color permeates even more. Use hot water throughout the process to allow the dye to dissolve evenly. And lastly, use liquid detergent and low concentration of detergent for cleaning. Finally, you can shove newspaper into your shoes to make sure the paper absorbs any residual dye.

Try it and let EACHSHOES know if you succeed with Highsnobiety’s guidance by tagging SNKRNV on Instagram!

Information and images from Highsnobiety

Source: Category DIY – Guide to dyeing shoes with simple steps


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