Check out the best Converse Chuck Taylor versions ever

Today was a day when Converse fans got excited when Converse Chuck Taylor 2 was about to be upgraded to a new level.

Indeed, in the past few years in Vietnam and around the world, Converse has accompanied and played an important role in the sneakers culture. No sneakers are as applicable and possess the simplicity but sophistication of Converse. And the Converse must have become one of the sneakers that almost everyone who loves shoes must have in the cupboard.

On the occasion of the upcoming July 28, Nike will bring Lunarlon technology to the Converse Chuck Taylor 2 insole cushioning, opening a whole new era. EACHSHOES would like to take a look at the most famous and most prominent Converse Chuck Taylor Collab sneakers that were released. To honor a great brand that has been with us during the past time.

Maison Martin Margiela x Converse Chuck Taylor

One of the Converse Chuck Taylor collabs with MMM is to honor the message: sneakers are to be worn and spread. With a random color spray design, paint on a white canvas background and completely different between the two shoes. The Chuck Taylor couple became more generous and wonderful than ever. And both manufacturers want users to bring more to see the fading of the new paint and the true pure white of Chuck Taylor is revealed. This is the most interesting point that MMM x Converse wants to convey.

chuck-taylor-converse-margiela-2014-02 chuck-taylor-converse-margiela-2014-08a-closer-look-at-the-maison-martin-margiela-x-converse-first-string-2014-spring-summer-collection-1a-closer-look-at-the-maison-martin-margiela-x-converse-first-string-2014-spring-summer-collection-5a-closer-look-at-the-maison-martin-margiela-x-converse-first-string-2014-spring-summer-collection-6

Missoni x Converse Chuck Taylor

Fashion brand Missoni is known as the master of color, graphics and amazingly ingenious combination of materials. It’s hard to believe that Missoni’s stylists used at least 40 colors and 20 different materials for their designs. The added support of metallic thread and other metal accessories has created the unique properties of the Missoni brand. Attached to aesthetic innovation and technical invention always changes the identity of knitwear. And especially when combined with Missoni, Chuck Taylor has a new and extremely classy look.

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converse_x_missoni_shearling_chuck_taylor_1970_hi_29 missoni-converse-chuck-taylor-star-1970-zip-hi-cashew-01-960x640

missoni-x-converse-all-star-ox-4 m166cae__missoni-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-hi-royal-blue-03

Concepts x Converse Chuck Taylor

It is not surprising that Concepts is a brand with so many great ideas. On the white Chuck Taylor background, Concepts blended leopard prints, camo and the application of adding extremely hot icons. “

concepts-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-1970s-zaire-leopard-camo-02 concepts-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-1970s-zaire-leopard-camo-01 concepts-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-1970s-zaire-leopard-camo-03

Fragment Design x UNDEFEATED x Converse Chuck Taylor

Surprising the sneakers community in 2012 when all three brands created a simple pair of basic neakers with the same basic color and canvas material inherent on Converse. It is the foundations and backgrounds that this collab wears on the very first day of its release. And now for Chuck Taylor x FD x U becomes one of the most collectible Chuck Taylor couples today.

undftd-fragment-design-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-05 undftd-fragment-converse-chuck-taylor-1 undftd-fragment-converse-chuck-taylor-2

Parra x Converse Chuck Taylor

Cherry fruit on sandy yellow fabric background, inside is 1 bright red. This is a pair of Chuck Taylor that makes the most sense on the list because the message against the HIV / AIDS epidemic is booming. At that time, sneakers were like a reminder of the consciousness of this century’s disease and supported by many Chuck Taylor fans.

parra-converse-chuck-taylor-new-images-04 parra-converse-chuck-taylor-new-images-02 parra-converse-chuck-taylor-new-images-01 parra-converse-chuck-taylor-new-images-03 converse-red-parra-chuck-taylor-hi-4

Kenvin Lyons x Converse Chuck Taylor

These are sneakers that artist Kenvin Lyons designed for the Colette brand. The brand stands out with its blue and white ballpoint pen. He painted his own logo, combined with Converse and Colette brands to honor this partnership. The product becomes unique by its distinctive design.

converse_x_kevin_lyons_chuck_taylor_all_star_pair-1-640x426 converse_x_kevin_lyons_chuck_taylor_all_inside-tongue-1-640x426 converse_x_kevin_lyons_chuck_taylor_all_side-1-640x426 converse_x_kevin_lyons_chuck_taylor_all_star-heels-1-640x426 converse_x_kevin_lyons_chuck_taylor_all_star-side-profile-1-640x426

Kicks / Hi x Converse Chuck Taylor “Tiger Camo”

Just looking at the name is enough to see the difference Kicks / Hi has magnified to Chuck Taylor. The pattern of Tiger skin and dark green ash-gray camo on a black background creates a very cool character. With just one color scheme, that Chuck Taylor is completely different.

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converse-kicks-hi-tiger-camo-1 converse-kicks-hi-tiger-camo-2 converse-kicks-hi-tiger-camo-3

Undefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Wear a Sock Kid’

One of the versions sending the message of safe sex, wearing condoms properly to protect the century disease HIV / AIDS has made a strong influence in 2008 for both brands. Human damage must have been immense when the impact of this pandemic thrived that year, as the name of the sneakers itself. Wear a sock kid.

undefeated-raw-dogs-007 undefeated-raw-dogs-001 undefeated-raw-dogs-004 undefeated-raw-dogs-003

Sneakersnstuff x Converse Chuck Taylor

The revolution of the wool textile industry has taken SNS to a new level and made the world and the sneakers community admire. Inspired by a family of local wool producers, SNS, and Converse decided to pair Chuck Taylor to honor the contribution to the economic community by a very small cell. SNS has replaced the clear logo that is often seen on Chuck Taylor on the outside of the shoe. Indeed, there is nothing more proud of Sweden when the wool textile industry is honored and known by more people around the world.

sns-converse-lovikka-1 sns-converse-lovikka-2 sns-converse-lovikka-3 sns-converse-lovikka-4 sns-converse-lovikka-5

NIGO x Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Addicted By’

The influence of NIGO (the 25th brand in Japan) and the biggest voice in fashion in Japan got Converse in touch, and created a match for leather application sneakers and ZIP lock. No one has surpassed NIGO’s classic style, and no collab brand does better than NIGO by bringing Chuck Taylor back to the top of his debut charisma. The only difference is that, that classic wonderful aura has been transformed and everyone took off their hats in admiration.


nigo-converse-addict-chuck-taylor-all-star-1-570x379 nigo-converse-addict-chuck-taylor-all-star-2-570x379 nigo-converse-addict-chuck-taylor-all-star-3-570x379

Damien Hirst x Converse Chuck Taylor ‘All you need is love’

No matter who you may be, whoever you are and what problems you are, what you deserve is love from humanity. This is an extremely lofty message when Chuck Taylor wants ordinary people to love and sympathy as well as to help HIV / AIDS patients. The sneakers have an extremely wonderful meaning on AIDS Day 2012. The Chuck Taylor’s butterflies, hearts adorned on the orange background represent the message of love and fragility of fate on earth. this.

damien-hirst-x-converse-product-red-chuck-taylor-hi-0 damien-hirst-x-converse-product-red-chuck-taylor-hi-1 damien-hirst-x-converse-product-red-chuck-taylor-hi-3

Comme Des Garcons x Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Play’

Recently, Converse and Comme des Garcons once again joined together to release an exclusive sneakers collection called “Chuck Taylor ’70s”. It is known that this is the fourth collaboration between Converse and legendary Tokyo designer Rei Kawakubo. With a simple style and personality, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 PLAY COMME des GARÇONS collection features brand features including four pairs of shoes with designs for both high and low necks.

chuck_taylor_all_star_70_play_comme_des_garcons 650-Comme-Des-Garcons-Converse-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-1Comme-Des-Garcons-Converse-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-1


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