Converse Chuck Taylor “Souvenir Jacket” – Style from Japan

If you do not see the image, you will probably think this article is about coats because the title of the article is very confusing, but in fact Converse There is really no intention of expanding into the jacket market. Instead, the production team “Souvenir Jacket” of the Converse was inspired by the classic shoe design from Japan’s “Sukayjan” jacket line. It can be said that this is a very popular jacket line with design ideas stemming from the aftermath of World War II.

Carrying the silhouette of the high-necked Chuck Taylor 70s, Converse Chuck Taylor “Souvenir Jacket” was released in black as the main color: one with an embroidered snake and a human skull, the other with tiger motifs. The upper part of both versions has been applied soft goat leather and is combined with midsole of Chuck Taylor 70s line. However, the midsole part of “Souvenir Jacket” is 70s thicker than Chuck, so your height will be a bit more cheated.

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Converse-1970-Souvenir-Jacket-Pack-01 Converse-1970-Souvenir-Jacket-Pack-02 Converse-1970-Souvenir-Jacket-Pack-03 Converse-1970-Souvenir-Jacket-Pack-04 Converse-1970-Souvenir-Jacket-Pack-05


Source: Converse Chuck Taylor “Souvenir Jacket” – Style from Japan