Dior launched a “luxurious” recycled straw with a “soft” price of only 3 million VND

Society is going up day by day, environmental issues are increasingly concerned. Besides the attention of sports brands in this field. High-end brands also offer their own directions to show the integration with the times. In addition to improving materials such as using recycled materials, replacing many plastic components in shoe structure … Brands have also researched and introduced more new and more environmentally friendly technologies. However, things like technology or materials seem too remote and somewhat confusing for young people in the community. Therefore, the French luxury fashion house – Dior – went in a very unique and practical way.

Dior recycled straws

You can see most recently that young people are very fond of reusable items. Especially the straw. Millions of them are thrown out every year. And Dior has released the most popular “Green Living” item of the past time in a more advanced version. Dior’s straw set consists of 6 pieces and is made entirely of glass. The high-end gold color from the straws shows the elegance and originality of this collection. I am sure that when going to the street holding this kit, automatically everything is “advanced” than. Just kidding! But with a rich budget and needing a straw that can be used many times, it should be bought very well.

Dior recycled straws

From the design of the straw to the container, just look at the pictures below, you can also see their superiority. Currently this item is on sale website Dior for about 150 USD. Instead of spending a few hundred there are full sized straws “Made in Vietnam”. You can spend a few million dong to have Dior’s “luxury” straws to show your class?


Source: Dior launched a “luxurious” recycled straw with a “soft” price of only 3 million VND
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