Indeed, Nike’s creativity is boundless in making a traditional shoe become a monument of sneakers for the community. Everyone who loves sneakers knows the Nike Huarache, perhaps. However, there has not been any complete version of the history as well as the formation and development of Huarache that Nike inspired to create Nike Huarache products. After a period of learning and synthesizing information and knowledge, now EACHSHOES would like to bring an article from A to Z from history, the starting point of Huarache to all of you who love sneakers all over. . But before we start, let’s say a little thank you to Nike, who has been instrumental in taking inspiration from a traditional Mexican sandals to create what it is today.

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Pronounce: Why did Nike name their shoe Huarache?

How do you pronounce Nike Huarache?

First, pronounce the word Huarache correctly. According to the Oxford Dictionary of English: Huarache is phonetic / waˈrɑːtʃi / Click to hear the Oxford dictionary get warm (lead knife). It’s not Hua – ra – damn it. Surely once you interact with a foreign sneakerhead, the correct pronunciation will help you confirm your love for Nike Huarache. This is like calling out your lover’s name, calling out the correct name to fall in love.

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Source: Where did huaraches come from?

Huarache is a pair of sandals. Huarache in English means sandel, sandals with straps. This is a very popular product in the 1960s, when the trend and the hippies were crowned in America.

The huarache with its distinctive design origin follows the open design trend (it can be broken or changed freely) and honors the minimalism that minimizes detail and material on a pair of huarache.


When did Nike huaraches first come out?

With that inspiration, Huarache inspired Nike to create the cult product Nike Huarache and was introduced in 1991. A memorable feature of Nike Huarache is that they are the plastic supporting frame located on the outside. sandals, similar to the straps of sandals Mexico – Huarache. Along with that is the design of multi-layered style that can be customized.


Can u play basketball in huaraches?

Nike Huarache was then applied by Nike to many key product lines such as jogging, tennis, basketball, and sports products in general …. And depending on the specific model, the plastic heel support frame is removed or kept.

The first version of the Nike Huarache line-up was released and promoted widely by sending the message “We All Shine On” – a message taken from the song that the talented and outstanding singer, singer. The world crab sang in the song “Instant Karma”.

This campaign with Nike Huarache aims to create the message that you can do what you want, shine your way, because you are a single and unique star.

… Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
Ev’ryone come on …

This is one of the successful campaigns of Nike when it continuously promoted the message for 5 years from 1991 to 1995.

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It was nearly six years later, when in 2001 Nike decided to remake original (retro) products. First up is the Nike Air Trainer Huarache. With the signature Nike Huarache logo located on the reed, the original color scheme, and the most special one that can be mentioned is the Scream Green color scheme, one of the first Huarache colors to be released.

Following on from success a new line of basketball products called Huarache was officially introduced in 2003. The Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 and 2K5 upgrades were developed to commemorate and honor the best basketball shoes. decade was born. When Kobe Bryan joined the Nike family, he brought it. And then it was the Nike Huarache 2K4 that had the biggest impact on the original design of the Black Mama Nike Zoom Kobe 1.


As for the Nike Huarache Running segment, Nike started to grow again after nearly 18 years in 2009. The following years Nike launched the Zoom Huarache TR.

Who designed Nike Huarache?

However, contributing to the great success must also include one of the no stranger design wizards of Nike is Tinker Harfield.

He had a great deal of credit when he applied the Air technology to the Nike Huarache then in 1991. The technology that made Nike the King and stripped the adidas throne at that time.

The Air Huarache became one of the iconic designs of Tinker Hatfield. The luminous neoprene heel is inspired by the reflective part on the road raincoat (to attract the driver’s attention) along with the plastic frame for the purpose of stabilizing and balancing like the pair. Traditional Mexican sandals.

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What material are Nike huaraches made of?

In 1993, Nike created the Air Huarache Light for use in running. And no one else is still Tinker Hatfield. He again created a product that was lightweight and durable and equipped with the optimum technology for running enthusiasts. Along with that is the system of improved TPU plastic frame and thick body slip on lanyard without reed.

In addition, the Duralon and Part in the shoe were added meshlar technology at the time, two technologies that were considered the revolution of Nike on running products were first introduced.


Then in 2014, the Nike Air Huarache Light Burst was retro again, but the Air Huarache Light Burst 2009 combined with the Nike Huarache Light 2013.

It is the most typical of the history of Huarache that Nike has created great success. Nike’s success is marked by making a product called traditional Mexican sandals into a global icon and persuading those who love the brand and create affection in the sneakers community.


Are huaraches good?

To this day, Nike Huarache has been a part of the sneakers community and has contributed significantly to the development of future products.

Nike started from scratch and raised it to greatness. Thank you for what Nike has done. Because a pair of shoes is beautiful, strange, meaningful, has a story.


Source: History and birth of Nike Huarache
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