Is shoe tree form holder really necessary?

As you all know, sneakerhead always wants his worn shoes to remain beautiful even if they have not used it for a long time. Especially the Jordan 1 Patent Leather shoes, after only about 30 minutes of wearing on the feet, the shoes will have wrinkles in the toe. That would make the shoes look weird and ugly. Thus, the shoe form holder was born.

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What is shoe tree form holder?

Shoe tree form holder was invented in order to prevent cases of a sock in the toe part. Once the shoe is put on, the wearer just needs to remove it, attach the form holder, and be neatly arranged to leave it on the shelf. In Nike, adidas or Puma retailers, they will find form holders in all shoes. For what? If you don’t wear shoes, why need a form holder? If the shoe is left idle for a while, the tip of the shoe will be slightly indented. Sports companies of course do not like it, simply because it loses the aesthetic. More than that, the form holder is an indispensable item of collectors (collectors). Each shoe has its own story and history. Therefore, shoe collectors want to preserve these historical values ​​and must look as beautiful as they were in the beginning.

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Usually these shoe tree form holder will be made of hard cardboard. Since it is made of flimsy cardboard, it can easily break. Furthermore, the material of the form holder comes in a variety of ways. There are shoe tree form holder made from plastic and there are also those made from high quality wood. Obviously, the cost will depend on the level of materials. Wood will be the most expensive and cardboard will be the cheapest.

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