Jordan Super Fly 5 Review | Step back or step forward?

After the remarkable success of Super.Fly 2, Jordan Brand was very fond of this product line and with 5 versions, Super.Fly It has also been ranked on a par with other signature templates. Accordingly, the Jordan Super.Fly 5 was officially launched in early August for the Los Angeles Clippers superstar – Blake Griffin (Only the Chinese market has this version since June 30). The following is a performance analysis article sent to you by EACHSHOES.

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1. Material

Super Fly 5 uses a upper material similar to Super.Fly 4 with a foam inside and a mesh fabric outside, all reinforced by Fuse in key locations (toe, eyelet, section) ankle area). The speed lacing system uses cloth tapes for more comfortable wiring and ensures that the upper part covers the entire foot.


The inner bootie (inner socks) made of thick padding coordinate with the small tabs on the heels to help fix the ankle and heel, a common feature of Jordan Brand in recent years. The ultra-thin Fuse’s reed is sucked up to minimize the same amount of Hyperfuse’s designs.

Compared to the upper, the sole is quite simple, the midsole made of Phylon and an oval Zoom bag at the nose, outsole with a polygonal pattern on the entire sole is almost identical to the Jordan XXXI.

Jordan Super.Fly 5 4

2. Traction (grip)

Super.Fly 5 uses a closed quadrilateral pattern, with denser patterns in some areas such as toe pads, index fingers. It doesn’t have as strong friction as usual but has more contact points with the pitch so the result doesn’t make a creaking sound but still won’t slip easily if you apply enough pressure. Jordan XXXI also has a similar design but thanks to the larger textures and the use of opaque rubber, the Super.Fly 5 will definitely have a more stable grip. The point is that the sole of Super.Fly V is rounded and shaped in the shape of the foot and does not use the edge of the base (outrigger). This design evokes the direction of the adidas FYW to help contribute to the grip of the sole due to the tighter floor contact angle and the foot simulation for more natural movement and utilizes the inherent balance of the foot structure. to increase strength.


Overall, Super.Fly 5’s grip will still be pretty good, but this is not a strong point of the shoe either. Those interested in hearing the squeak of shoes or playing in a dusty yard can find other options. Super.Fly 5 should also not be used in the outdoor yard because the soles are quite thin.

3. Comfort & Fit

Jordan Super.Fly 5 3

With the large amount of mattress for the neck area, the inner bootie design and the speed lacing system, Super.Fly 5’s strongest point lies in the ability to hold the legs. With a design that includes the strengths of Hyperfuse 2010 and recent Jordan models, Super.Fly is able to be as light as possible while being as comfortable as possible. However, this does not mean that the other sides of the shoe offer the same performance. The downside here is that the tongue is a bit thin and can cut into your skin if you don’t wear high socks.

4. Cushioning


The cushioning system at Super.Fly 5 is a significant step backwards by completely eliminating FlightSpeed ​​and Unlocked Zoom in favor of a Zoom bag housed in Phylon. The heels are also not “cut out” like Super.Fly 4 or Hyperdunk 2016 as a way to reduce weight and make the Phylon material compress more easily when landing. This arrangement ensures high stability but at the same time is too normal compared to what Jordan Brand has done for 3 years and goes against the name Super Fly. Cushioning may not be Super.Fly 5’s weakness, but it will certainly disappoint old fans. One more thing EACHSHOES recognized is that Super.Fly V’s Zoom bag is similar to Lebron Soldier X and Hyperdunk 2015, and all 3 are underestimated in this regard.


5. Support


Super.Fly 5 is quite sturdy thanks to the grip of the upper, thin midsole and wide outsole. With no FlightSpeed ​​on the sole to keep the shoe from being easily bent and creating an arch support, the Super.Fly 5 is again penalized on this side. Instead, Jordan still placed a thin piece of metal as the basic support for the midfoot and designed the raised sole to support the soles of the feet.

6. Jordan Super.Fly 5 Review – Conclusion

Jordan Super.Fly 5 5

Priced at $ 150, it’s hard to say that the Jordan Super.Fly 5 is a worthwhile option with most of the value-for-money technology omitted from previous versions. In return for the light weight, good hugging and quality materials, Super.Fly V is still quite suitable for those who prioritize stability as well as like the slim design of the shoe.

Jordan Super.Fly 5 6Jordan Super.Fly 5 1

Product information:


Jordan Super.Fly V

Color: Red/Blue/White

Code: 844677-404

Lauch: 01/08/2016

Giá dự kiến: $140

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