Lacoste released a new logo redesigned by Jean-Paul Goude

Lacoste is a French fashion brand established in 1933 specializing in high-class clothing, shoes, perfumes, leather goods, watches, sunglasses and most famously for sports t-shirts. In recent years, Lacoste has also moved into the manufacturing industry of products such as bed linens and towels. The logo associated with Lacoste’s name is a green crocodile image.


Recently, the fashion designer and multi-talented photographer has made a big change in Lacoste’s logo design with an image of a crocodile completely different from the legendary old design that has been used since. company establishment.

While the old logo is quite simple with only green, red, white and black text, the new logo combines many different colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, blue … It looks like a crocodile wearing polka dot socks and shoes, wearing a spiky hat and long tail like the old version. This new logo also makes people curious about the meaning behind it.

Close-up of the latest logo from Lacoste. The monotonous blue crocodile has been replaced by two crocodiles doing the circus
The new logo is still in the old position, on the left chest side of the shirt. However, it will take up a lot of electricity for the old logo
Not only is the basic polo t-shirt pattern but also long-sleeved blouses with the hem of the bottom are also printed with this logo
Particularly for this bright red bomber jacket, the new logo will take up a large area behind the back
Previously, the crocodile image in this new logo was displayed in the hall during the LacosteJPGoude event held in Paris.


Currently, Lacoste has not officially announced whether it will use a new logo to completely replace the products to be released later or only for testing for new product lines launched this year. However, Lacoste’s new logo has also created a new face for a high-end fashion brand. What do you think about this change?

Source: Lacoste released a new logo redesigned by Jean-Paul Goude


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