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Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram

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The current situation of admin is still “flying” with the sneakers of the Fall color, all colors are bold and impressive. Unexpectedly, it was pulled to the ground by fashion firms too quickly with upcoming versions for winter. The idea is still far from the year-end festive winter season, less than two months to expect it to be, you have seen everything is different. Lately, the sneakers have been somewhat pale for me. So Louis Vuitton “love life” extremely released the full BST Monogram “Huong” already.

Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram

The important issue in Louis Vuitton’s Pink Monogram collection is “I am, but I’m still personality!”. In fact, the gentle pink color on the products combined with the white Monogram motif, just looking at it, you can see the person with the dizziness. Louis Vuitton made these items hit the sisters’ mentality too. Tomorrow is October 20th, you guys will let go of this BST for your boyfriend, lover or husband, you guys understand! The collection is quite diverse, from sneakers to mules, slides are all available. All are made of calf leather and some LV key metal details as accents. Although I am not the pink team, I am also fascinated by the beauty of the “children” in this collection!

It is expected that Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram will release on website in the next month. Hong Kong will open for sale at the earliest this month. It is followed by Taiwan and some other Asian countries. Particularly countries in Europe and America have yet to receive information that will open for sale officially. You had to take a walk on the LV website in these countries to check it out.

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Source: “Cam Huong” with the full collection of Louis Vuitton’s Pink Monogram
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