NERD x adidas NMD Human Race next edition has been revealed

NERD x adidas NMD Human Race next edition has been revealed

As hypebeasts know, adidas Human Race and Yeezy are two extremely hot versions on the market today. However, Kayne wanted to fulfill her promise many years ago. He once stated that he wanted everyone to have a pair of Yeezy. The phenomenon of Yeezy being produced in extremely high quantities made the hypebeasts less desirable than before.

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Right now, adidas only has a Human Race that can compete with Nike x Off-White. Human Race is a collab between adidas and talented male singer, Pharrell Williams. Pharrell wants his shoes to have extremely meaningful messages on the wearer’s feet. For example, the latest version, “China Pack”, comes in 4 colors: blue, red, yellow and green, each with its own meaning. In the blue, there will be “Peace”, red will have “Passion”, yellow will be “Happy” and green will be “Youth”.

Pharrell x Human RacePharrell x Human Race

And as usual, the best couple will be the “Friend and Family” version. With only 300 pairs worldwide, the “Happy” gold pair is currently not cheap, from $ 5,000 or more.

Pharrell x Human RacePharrell x Human Race

However, this is not the hottest version of Human Race yet. If it comes to shoes that the hypebeasts have to fidget with, it could only be the NERD Human Race. The shoes were only released at the Complex Con event in Long Beach, California. Before the release date, many hypebeasts had to queue for one day and one night.

Pharrell x Human RacePharrell x Human Race

NERD is the band of American singer, Pharrell Williams. It is therefore not too confusing when he puts his band on Human Race shoes. Back at Con Complex, even if you line up for 1 day and 1 night, there’s no guarantee you will get these hot shoes. So sad.! Once inside, you have to line up to get this hot “em” Human Race raffle. The row is extremely long. And then, if your name is called, it means that you are extremely, extremely lucky.

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“You” Human Race is super special.

Pharrell x Human RacePharrell x Human Race

The retail price is extremely “poor”, only $ 250. Resell prices are extremely high, ranging from $ 4,000- $ 8,000. And you can enjoy it right now here.

After nearly half a year of relatively quiet, NERD Human Race is ready to launch another version. One of the famous leaker, Pinoe77, showed us the first images of the second pair of NERDs. Can be seen, this version will be released in Virginia, USA. With 3 colors red, blue and white, you can see the NERD version inspired by the US flag.

According to Sneakernews, this will be the NERD version exclusively for Virginia Beach, USA.

Will adidas release this second version more widely than part 1? There is no information for sure. The retail price is still almost $ 250. You “adventure” me better, right?


Source: NERD x adidas NMD Human Race next edition has been revealed

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