Nike Roshe Run – A Story of Simplicity

Any Sneaker product has a story, just whether it is told or not.

It could be a shoe inspired by the design concept, inspired by an individual or a story happening in this life … And a design from complex to simple, equipped with tools. the most popular technology, or to minimize all materials for the most affordable price. After all, every path is catering to the needs of sneaker lovers in particular, and all shoe aficionados in general.

10959879_771488496262498_4845402301287112361_nHand-drawn drawing outlining Dylan’s concept for Roshe Run.

Sneakerhead can wish to own a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2, or a future product Nike Air Mag, to adidas Originals Stan Smith, ZX8000, SuperStar because of her heritage, special stories become the soul of sneakers. It can take a long time to tell the story of a shoe you love. However, today Eachshoes takes you back to a milestone of 5 years ago, for a story to begin, a story of simplicity – Nike Roshe Run.

Fall 2010, when The Roshe was conceived by a designer named Dylan Raasch. He was asked to come up with a concept draft for the 2011 Nike Sportswear Fall lineup with the goal of being a low-cost product that anyone could afford. Dylan presents the idea very abstractly, but he finds himself doing something right, something just waiting to appear if he goes any further. Dylan then decided to spend his time coming to the final design.

9Dylan Raasch, the father of Nike Roshe Run

To get the Roshe design of today. Dylan had a lot of difficulty meeting all three requirements that:
1. Shoes with simple design
2. The price is only up to 70 USD
3. Specially used for sports practice.


He had to wonder what the conditions would be for a product to meet the retail price of 70 USD. And the more difficult thing is that the shoes are both beautiful, eye-catching, and designed to convince buyers, but the price is also cheap. Dylan’s position at that time was to design a beautiful, trendy product (Nike Sportswear Running), not a dedicated product for running (Nike Running), meaning he had enough support to do. to produce beautiful, trendy shoes, the price does not matter … And now, he is taking a difficult problem out of his expertise.

So what is the inspiration, the origin of Dylan’s ideas? It’s interesting to know that Dylan has been passionate about Zen since childhood and that it was part of his life. Meditation brings calmness and simplicity as the axis of balance. This has become the design language of Nike Roshe Run.


Very simple, seamless upper, The sole does not bring much texture. Compact up heel.
In general, a shoe with 2 elements: upper and sole. Extremely material-saving.

10436139_771488519595829_111588892247190522_nThe first 2 concept products.

The Nike Roshe Run name as we know it now starts with the word “Roshi”, a Zen teacher name. According to Eachshoes learns, Roshi is a very interesting name, which is the English name of Master Roshi (Master Roshi) Son Goku’s teacher, super grinded skin to earth through the series of Seven Dragon Balls. has been and will be the passion of anyone experiencing, being or going to enjoy childhood.

In addition, Roshi also means peace, intelligence, favorable job promotion, independence, responsibility, … In the Zen sect, Roshi Master is a Zen master, with the highest rank and reaching the pinnacle of Zen. Dylan’s view is that nothing is simpler than a Zen Master (this comparison requires you to understand Zen, Eachshoes does not address Zen sect in depth).

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In general, the simplicity of Roshe Run shoes comes from the simplicity derived from the Zen inspiration that Dylan learned and practiced since childhood. So why is it named Roshe, because of the legal nature of the letter when registering Trademarks, trademarks, … so Nike has changed the word “i” to “e”, but the pronunciation is still unchanged. .

10463948_771488512929163_7985264333227182651_nA close-up of the original Roshe Run original product.

Since then, Dylan has used all of the aforementioned inspiration to create a shoe with the parts that really needed to be used, and the waste of using decorative materials is completely ignored. If a shoe is in a running style, it’s simple they need it: Foot pads, heel protection and support, plus nose support, half forefoot. Thus, creating a pair of shoes with simple criteria now is only at the stage of drawing up the concept of design, form, and connect the parts together.

The first original shoes in color were inspired by a master’s garden while meditating. With the outsole with a waffle-like texture, however, Dylan originally used inspiration from the spaced rocks along the garden path. You can search for the phrase “stepping stone” on google and you can imagine the base of Roshe Run.


With an insole insole, Dylan was inspired by the gravel ground being raked in an arrangement. Call it Raked Zen Rock. The first original shoe color was also known as the Magenta color, a black-green color scheme on the upper and a slightly dark green sole.

Referring to the totality of the shoe, it must be a combination of flexibility and continuity as much as possible. Shoes that make you confident whether wearing casual, partying, jogging, … Shoes must be something that connects with you at all times and everywhere. Roshe Run is the most suitable choice!

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10429458_771488509595830_8005116814214293130_nRoshe Run’s first color schemes.

Starting with the Nike Roshe Run, there are 16 different soles and 50 different upper types from details to details during the production design stage until launch, there are only about 7 official products. March, April 2012. As of the end of 2014, according to data of Sneakerscholar analyzed, there were a total of about 300 different color schemes from the cooler until mid-2014. Roshe Run continuously is the product in the top 5 of sneakers sold every month in 2014.

With a dizzying rate of development, Dylan and his colleagues have truly created an interesting story to this day with Roshe Run.

10926424_771488499595831_7711266954741426373_nThe iconic Nike logo, Swoosh.

Hopefully in 2015, Nike Roshe Run will have significant strides, plans to deal with ZX Flux character are advancing extremely strongly from adidas, rival Nike.


Source: Nike Roshe Run – A Story of Simplicity

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