Public School – When street fashion and vintage fashion are one

Dao Yi-Chow and Maxwell Osborne in just a few short years was able to take Public School from anonymous to one of the hottest fashion brands in New York. Public School represents a special sophistication when cleverly combining two opposing styles of street fashion and classic American fashion. This creates a completely new style but still retains the core values ​​of a true “American gentleman”.


Dao Yi-Chow and Maxwell Osborne

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Continuing to perfect its orientation for the modern male fashion segment in America with collection Spring / Summer 2016. With a special performance style, Public School takes place at the police station, right in the interrogation room and taking photos of the suspect. Seamless professional models performed a diverse picture of expressive nuances, together with the combination of delicate black – white – blue monochrome pieces. This is a very impressive effect for the viewer. Bomber Jackets, shirts, shorts, khaki and long and short suits are done in a meticulous and thoughtful manner to ensure the quality of each product.


If you are a fashionista and have a lot of knowledge, you will easily recognize familiar faces with “bloody faces” in the fashion world such as Nick Wooster, Waris Ahluwahlia, Luka Sabbat and recording artist. Twin Shadow is featured in this collection. This proves the influence of Public School is not small and the brand’s voice is spreading more and more around the world.

After looking through this collection, let Eachshoes We know your own feelings.

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Source: Public School – When street fashion and vintage fashion are one

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