Review the sneakers of the feminist campaign – ‘Step Towards the Sun’ from Biti’s & Biti’s Hunter

Review the sneakers of the feminist campaign - 'Step Towards the Sun' from Biti's & Biti's Hunter

On August 8, Biti’s and Biti’s Hunter jointly launched different versions of the sneakers as part of the ‘Step Towards the Sun’ campaign for feminism. EACHSHOES today will review on the legs of the newly released sneakers.

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As the opening flare for the feminist campaign from Biti’s, this sneakers is the result of an international collaboration between Biti’s and Marvel, aimed at those who believe in the strength of women. This is not the first time that Biti’s and Marvel have teamed up. Before that, the two together created a BST collab on the occasion of the release of the cult movie Avengers: The Infinity War and made a big splash. Following the momentum of success, Biti’s continued to give Vietnamese people the opportunity to once again cooperate with Marvel on the event of the Captain Marvel movie premiere, with the aim of promoting feminism.

With unisex design, suitable for both men and women, the sneakers version Biti’s Hunter Captain Marvel was born with the desire to honor the women with the community, as well as uphold the message of feminism – which inspired the movie and the shoes this time.

Going deeper, the shoes are made up of four main colors: red, blue, gold, and white. Similar to previous versions, the shoes are equipped with the best of Biti’s Hunter technology today. The upper is made of AirMesh material with tiny holes to ensure ventilation. On the inside, the shoes are equipped with antibacterial insoles to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Finally, still the familiar LifeFoam name underneath the shoes. This buffer is definitely one of the weapons Biti’s love due to its lightness (the buffer is made of Phylon material with a weight of only 240g), elasticity of over 40% and a height of 4.3. cm.

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As for me, this collab did not really live up to the expectations that a sneakers lover had for a collab. The appearance has not had a breakthrough compared to the previous versions, except for the decorative strap section placed diagonally below the wire system. However, from the perspective of a person who always supports Vietnamese goods, Biti’s has actually exceeded the initial expectations with the current outstanding development of the brand.

Purchase information:

? Price range: 859,000 VND
? Full size male / female (35 – 45)
? Product will be available at Biti’s nationwide, 4 Biti’s Hunter Independent Store and online exclusive at Tiki from 08:00 on 06.03.2019:


A few days after introducing the Biti’s Hunter Captain Marvel version, the brand continued to roll out BST Girl’s Steps with Miss H’hen Niê to announce the feminist campaign “Step Towards the Sun”. From the perspective of a marketing person, Biti’s is really on the right track when working with Miss H’hen Niê who represents the Vietnamese women’s community in particular and modern women in general. If Son Tung M-TP becomes the brand ambassador of Biti’s Hunter to attack the young market, making H’hen Niê become the second brand ambassador to help Biti’s spread feminist messages and is a stepping stone for Biti’s to dominate the weaker sex market in the future.

Named Girl’s Step, this collection highlights the intrinsic beauty of each girl. Just being yourself and confident in yourself, the girls will achieve their own “happy sun”. The collection includes two color schemes, Pink and Violet. While Pink color scheme is for girls who pursue a sweet and youthful style, Violet is the weapon of charming girls with mysterious charms.

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Along with the Captain Marvel version, both models of the Girl’s Step shoes are part of the 2k18 generation of Biti’s Hunter. As a result, both versions also use Biti’s new technologies including Air Mesh mesh fabric, antibacterial lining and LifeFoam 3-in-1 cushion (light, smooth and high).

Purchase information:

?The Biti’s Hunter Girls’ Steps collection has officially been on the shelves at Biti’s nationwide stores, Biti’s Hunter Independent Store, Biti’s website and e-commerce sites.
? Price range: 750,000 VND

GOSTO by Biti’s – Klara:

In this feminist calendar war, Biti’s also introduced the GOSTO by Biti’s brand for the first time, exclusively for modern girls. Diverse products for women, with the main character being a set of 3 named sneakers Klara with real leather accents and lightweight rubber sole. In the GOSTO by Biti’s premium genuine leather collection, this shoe was chosen by H’hen Niê and other cult fashionista girls such as Teela, SunHT, Salim or Chau Bui.

For many people, the shoe is an elegant and trendy product. However, the exterior construction of this rubber sole is quite similar to the famous Boost buffer. In addition, it is not known if this is the first time Biti’s has tried its best with this product, but really, this version still faces many shortcomings. First of all, it is the extremely light weight of this version that makes buyers skeptical about the quality of the shoe when holding it for the first time. Following that, the leather on the toe of the shoe is extremely fragile when moving (the problem with real leather shoes). The shoe form is quite wide, although it has been fitted with the true size, it feels loose when walking. Ultimately, the most important thing is the design of the shoe. I know that this shoe is in an elegant style, however, the shoes really do not have the highlight or any breakthrough or difference in appearance. This is one thing that Biti’s really need to improve on. However, shoes are not necessarily a bad choice for those who like simple but modern style.

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Purchase information:

? Full size product from 35 – 39 for girls with the price only: 829,000 VND

?The collection has officially appeared on the shelves of Biti’s website, e-commerce sites and the list of Biti’s CHTT:

Southern branch

Thap Muoi Marketing Store: 56 – 58 – 60 – 62 Thap Muoi, Ward 2, District 6, HCMC – Tel: 028.3950 5536

Tran Hung Dao Marketing Store: 606B Tran Hung Dao, Ward 2, District 5, HCMC – Tel: 028.3924 403

Bien Hoa Marketing Shop: 1/1 Pham Van Thuan, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province – Tel: 02513.913.604

Quang Trung Marketing Store: 636 Quang Trung, Ward 11, Go Vap District, HCMC – Tel: 028.3989 3252

Le Van Sy: 368-370 Le Van Sy, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCMC – Tel: 028.3991.4785

Vo Van Ngan: 290 Vo Van Ngan, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City – Tel: 028.37225496

North Branch

Chua Boc Marketing Store: 25 Chua Boc, Dong Da District, Hanoi – Tel: 024.8528.635

Cau Giay Marketing Store: 352 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi – Tel: 0243.2121.891

Xa Dan Marketing Store: No. 73 Xa Dan, Phuong Lien Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi – Tel: 024.6253.3935

Nguyen Duc Canh Marketing Store: 40 Nguyen Duc Canh, Le Chan District, Hai Phong – Tel: 0225.3738.105 (Hai Phong 2)

Western Branch

Nguyen Trai Marketing Store: NO.02A Nguyen Trai, Ward. Cai Khe, QNK Kieu, TPCT – Tel: 02923.769.027

Xuan Khanh Marketing Store: 97-97A, 30/4 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City – Tel: 02926.277.999

Mau Than Marketing Store: No. 62-64-66 Mau Than, Ward An Hoa, Ninh Kieu District, City. CT – Tel: 02923.868.373


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