“Speak out” with accessories that go with ASSC’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection

"Speak out" with accessories that go with ASSC's Fall-Winter 2019 collection

Anti Social Social Club – or ASSC for short – is a familiar brand for young people and streetstyle followers. Similar to Off-White, ASSC is an indispensable brand name in the closet of the sneakerheads or hypebeast in the world. Just a few days ago, ASSC just released to the fashion world its new lookbook for Fall-Winter 2019 fashion season called “Still Stressed”. Although I hear the name and the pictures in the lookbook a bit gloomy, but I’m sure, when you take a look at the items below. You will change your mind immediately.

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Anti Social Social Club – ASSC “Still Stressed”

Not only launching pants, t-shirts or hoodie products with the signature “Anti Social Social Club” on the back. This time there’s also a bunch of unique accessories that go with them. There are items though reading comments on online forums and looking at them closely. I still do not know what it is because ASSC did not update any information other than the image and release date of this collection. “Still Stressed” is scheduled to release correctly this Saturday at 8am. Please install the above notice website of ASSC to not miss this item.

ASSC "Still Stressed"“Herbal” blend of young people
ASSC "Still Stressed"A shirt or a hairpin accessory?
ASSC "Still Stressed"Frisbee in a fork
ASSC "Still Stressed"Slippers hypebeast?
ASSC "Still Stressed"Mask duo – also known as a mask. I wonder who dares to wear this on the street?
ASSC "Still Stressed"Another mask “to favor” for hypebeast girls “banh beo”
ASSC "Still Stressed"Adhesive tape “batman quality” – This roll does “many things” really!
Just take out the check-in to “auto” many “likes”?
Rice cooker for starchy believers

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Source: “Speak out” with accessories that go with ASSC’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection
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