Won’t Believe The cost of building Supreme Bricks House

One of the products that made waves in public opinion and was most interested in the past week was the newest item in the Fall / Winter 2016 collection of Supreme – Bricks.


Now, let’s sit back “eat a piece of cake, drink a glass of water” and find the answer to the following interesting and curious question: We must How much does it cost to build a house made entirely of Supreme bricks?

One Reddit user calculated that for a house measuring 2,400 square feet (~ 223 square meters), 117600 bricks would be needed. And if the price is 40 USD for a brick, the total cost to build the raw house will probably be up to 4,704,000 USD, an impressive figure when converted to face value. Vietnam: approximately 104 billion 651 million.


Perhaps now we have another measure of value and a sense of humor – Supreme tiles. Surely at the present time, whether you have a villa or many super cars cannot physically “play” by having your house built with the above expensive material. And you, please EACHSHOES And other readers your opinion about this interesting product!

Source: You won’t believe this is the cost of building a house … out of Supreme brick – Eachshoes.com