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Detailed pictures of the Air Jordan 10 “Cool Gray”

Air Jordan 10 “Cool Gray” will be one of the first shots of Jordan Brand in 2018 to come. If you remember, there was a 10s version “Cool Gray” was released in 2014, but the upcoming new product will have more impressive and eye-catching elements than its predecessor. Accordingly, the new version covers the upper […]

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Air Jordan 8 Alternate released its official image

Following on an attractive page of the Air Jordan shoe line, Nike continues to re-enact the classic color scheme “Alternate” on the unique Air Jordan 8. Similar to the designs released in 2016 This number 8 design remains minimal with 3 colors Black / White and Red. The special thing is not only that this […]

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Air Jordan 1 “New Love” returns after a decade

The Air Jordan 1 Beginning Moments, also known as Old Love New Love, is one of the most successful Air Jordan 1 collections because of its extremely strange meaning that everyone who hears of it must laugh. , Old Love is Jordan’s passion for basketball and meanwhile New Love represents his love for the thrills […]

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