Assessment Anta KT 2


Anta has probably caught a lucrative bait with Klay Thompson, a player featured in both the recent NBA Finals and the Olympics. Since the studio signed with Louis Scola and Kevin Garnett, Anta finally had a star young enough to represent. Anta and Klay Thompson’s first collaboration product was of course the Anta KT 1, … Read more

Anta KT 3 Low Review “Black Panther”

Anta KT 3 Low Review "Black Panther"

On the occasion of King T’challa landing in the theaters officially, Anta has launched a special product line for Wakanda’s fans. With the words “Property of Wakanda” on each shoe, this is probably the coolest X Marvel basketball shoe in recent years. But Wakanda Forever !!! I. Design, Material Evaluate: Fit the correct size (note … Read more

The first images of Anta Klay Thompson 3

The first images of Anta Klay Thompson 3

Golden State Warriors ADC – Klay Thompson has released the latest images of the third edition of his signature shoe. Accordingly, the shoe possesses clearly upgraded details such as a knit upper, a highly designed shoe collar with laces that enhances support. In addition, we can see the large KT logo on the front, Anta … Read more

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