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World Cup history since 1930

Come on again, the biggest soccer tournament in the world that takes place every four years, the World Cup takes place again. And as usual, one of the indispensable ingredients for a football match to take place is that the ball continues to be the hot topic of the table. IN World Cup 2018 Taking […]

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History and birth of Nike Huarache

Indeed, Nike’s creativity is boundless in making a traditional shoe become a monument of sneakers for the community. Everyone who loves sneakers knows the Nike Huarache, perhaps. However, there has not been any complete version of the history as well as the formation and development of Huarache that Nike inspired to create Nike Huarache products. […]

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Cultural History: Why are Sukajan so expensive? (Souvenir Jacket)

What are the Japanese jackets called? Like other famous fashion designers in the world, souvenir jacket (also known as Sukajan) is one of the hottest apparel types today in Japan, developed through each cultural origin over time and integrated itself into today’s popular culture. The highlight of Souvenir Jacket is a special embroidery style on […]

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