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Anta KT 3 Low Review “Black Panther”

On the occasion of King T’challa landing in the theaters officially, Anta has launched a special product line for Wakanda’s fans. With the words “Property of Wakanda” on each shoe, this is probably the coolest X Marvel basketball shoe in recent years. But Wakanda Forever !!! I. Design, Material Evaluate: Fit the correct size (note […]

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Adidas D.Rose 9 Detailed Review – Falling roses?

In addition to Kobe, the Derrick Rose shoe line probably has the most stable performance ever (for shoes with 5 or more copies). But this version 9 probably goes against that tradition despite its pretty looks. I. Design, Material Material on Rose 9 is the most beautiful mesh fabric, the best quality I’ve ever seen […]

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Adidas D.Rose 8 detailed review

Since the 7th edition adidas’ Rose shoe line has received almost no marketing from the company except for Derrick Rose’s tours in China. If the Rose 7 is among adidas flagship shoes, would the Rose 8 also with Boost cushioning be worthy of standing next to its big brother? I. Design, Material Eliminated whether engineered […]

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