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Adidas Dame 4 Review – It’s Dame Time!

What does Ykwtii mean in Dame 4? Holding Dame 4 in a single turn, the words YKWTII caught my eye, almost in my head it reflected the sentence “You Know What Time It Is”. Adidas has done too well in marketing for the adidas Lillard / Dame and brings a very interesting “personality” to this […]

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Adidas Dame 3 Review Detailed – Stylish or Ergonomic?

Let’s find out: Adidas Dame 3 Review Detailed – Stylish or ergonomic? With Lillard 2 becoming the king of low-cost shoes of 2016, adidas has slightly increased the price from $ 105 to $ 115 for Dame 3 (Since version 3, adidas D.Lillard has officially adopted the name Dame). Is this change worth our extra […]

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