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Top 5 Best Luxury shoes suitable for Spring / Summer 2019

2019 has passed its first quarter with a lot more surprises on the trend of sneakers compared to the predictions of late last year. However, the luxury sneakers market does not have too many surprises with the dominance of retro style and transparency. So let’s find out what are the best representatives of this Spring […]

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Adidas’s ZX 4000 4D Review – A Shoe Everyone Should Own

If we talk about the thing that excites the most adidas fans this year, it is definitely the technology used in their Futurecraft. Futurecraft 4D x SNS has not cooled yet, adidas has released the next shoe using this futuristic soles. adidas just announced the shoe model ZX 4000 4D the latest ones. The version […]

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Category DIY – Guide to dyeing shoes with simple steps

For sneakers, shoe shopping is never enough. But sometimes when the economy isn’t in abundance, people will find a way to refresh their sneakers. Some people do it again, someone attaches accessories, but the simplest way to handle it is to dye the shoes. Custom is no longer a strange term. Custom designs sometimes get […]

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Top 10 Best Nike shoes of 2017

Let’s find out: Top 10 Best Nike shoes of 2017 With the strong rise from adidas in recent years, Nike’s number one position has been shaking violently due to the pressure from its competitors. Therefore, Nike must strengthen its wall to prevent its rivals from surpassing, and that wall is the shoe that has been […]

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