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Converse continues the Pink Pastel trend for the summer

The trend of using Pastel color schemes continues to be preferred by brands and selected for products this summer 2017, for example, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star version with light Pink color has just launched quickly. quickly create a fever that is not small for women. The pink canvas fabric is smooth and smooth, […]

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Nike Air Rift Summer 2016 – Nike’s freaky sandals

Occasionally Nike and adidas still releasing bizarre color schemes that we don’t understand why they came out. Nike ACG Free Rift is an example. You will also be surprised when their brother is Nike Air Rift has been around since years 1995 and prepare to return this summer. A very different pair of sandals runner […]

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Top 5 Best Luxury shoes suitable for Spring / Summer 2019

2019 has passed its first quarter with a lot more surprises on the trend of sneakers compared to the predictions of late last year. However, the luxury sneakers market does not have too many surprises with the dominance of retro style and transparency. So let’s find out what are the best representatives of this Spring […]

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