Takashi Murakami x TIDAL – The most sought after flip flops this summer

The KaikaiKiki flower or the name Takashi Murakami is no longer a strange thing for Vietnamese fashion and sneakers. After just collaborating with PORTER to launch a special collection earlier this month. Takashi Murakami immediately cooperated with flip-flop brand TIDAL New York to release fancy sandals. Calling the sandal sounds a bit luxurious, but in fact it is the familiar flip-flop of EACHSHOES brothers.

Takashi Murakami x TIDAL New York

In this rainy season, everyone should have a pair of flip-flops in the trunk of their car. As the rain falls, you can immediately put “I love sneakers” inside and wear flip flops instead. However, sneakerheads’ flip-flops must also “play quality” or how impressive are you guys? That’s why I recommend that you buy a copy of Takashi Murakami x TIDAL New York right away. The sandals printed “full” with the typical characters of Takashi Murakami are extremely cute and colorful.

The price is super comfortable, only about 30 USD, you already have a couple at your door. However, their circulation is quite small. You have to really quickly order or have a relative here to expect to own the special version above.

Just looking through the pictures below, you can clearly see how these sandals are. It doesn’t have too many special technologies or materials in the collaboration version of TIDAL New York. The slippers are now open for sale The Broad. If you love artist Takashi Murakami the way you love his flowers, you should buy it now.

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Source: Takashi Murakami x TIDAL – The most sought after flip flops this summer
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