The movies that give me inspiration about SUITS the most

The movies that give me inspiration about SUITS the most

Let’s find out: The movies that give me inspiration about SUITS the most

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I turned into the sportswear industry (sportswear), my job was always wearing sportwear because when I got on the suit, it was a bit misleading. However, passion is still burning inside and today it is “burned” more. I have always tried to observe, read, and learn more every day.
I believe that in addition to the outfit, the inner charisma, confidence and energy radiate in combination with the new outfit creates the perfect one. I learned this through movies a lot. Today, I am writing an article summarizing my favorite movies, making an impact for me the most, in terms of both my SUITS style and my own mindset. Hopefully, through the reviews & information you provide, you will find it interesting.

1. SUITS: 9 Series, 134 episodes, Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Louis and a lot of things I learned from SUITS.

Harvey is the Key Player in this movie, all the Harvey suits really bring power, confidence, mastery but also bring in a mess. Harvey is a bogus character, but of course, the attitude of living and working from the film also makes me a huge influence on mindset. Work hard, have fun & master everything.

Mike Ross is in a different mindset with a really different heart. I always idolized Mike Ross because I have a 10-year best friend with a passionate mind. Witness Mike Ross going from cheap suits at the beginning of his career, until he got Junior Partner and then stepping down to run a Law Clinic specialized in class action lawsuits against the Fortune 500 Business group. Mike Ross gradually changed from “ignorant” to asserted “position”. Mike Ross is the most influential person on Harvey on the way of “taking care of other people’s emotions” the most. That is why in addition to the super super suits that brothers, or sisters (update for husband, boyfriend, lover) can refer to to see the color and match with shoes.

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The article I would like to attach here of Thinh Joey – a writer about sports, movies, a very cool character lying in the group Sartorial Guys, it was thanks to Thinh that I determined to watch Suit and watched over and over again. up to 3 times (134 episodes).


Honestly, this is a movie because there is Ryan Gosling, one of my real actors, so I watched it. But when watching this movie, to be honest, I watch it once every 4 5 months, the number of times watching now must be more than my fingertips and toes.

You will see a man divorced his wife, never interested in appearance, clothes, … then his wife divorced. He turned into a real loser until the moment he met Ryan Gosling – a top-notch playboy who transformed from his appearance to the way of communication he divorced this wife. Basically, you will see that there are a few things that can be applied to the use of color for cute and classy party games.

The movie also reminds me of how to play the role of Friend – Mistress – Lover – Husband (I’m not married yet, still bogged down), how to swap places to have a relationship. how interesting is.

My brothers and sisters have to “swing a horse” a little, take a little care, … whoever says gay or puedue doesn’t let people know (I often say that after I’m tired, I don’t need to explain more). Because basically I like to take care of the appearance & build the best inner energy, many biz brothers are all too good or are at high levels in corporations in their groups, in addition, there are many brothers out. the path of the horse – going to bed is amazing. Instead, she looks bored to leave her mother. It is better to be called a playboy than to accept oversized clothes, or black-socks and white shoes like many people.

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Mr. Dung on OFFLINE said that there are 3 levels: I dare to have a beautiful face, then I maintain it, then I inspire people. I buying & feel compelled by that.

Promised to do, this is 1 series and 1 movie series. Looking forward to the weekend you will consider it. I believe we will be able to meet face-to-face with the consistency between online and real life. Are we excited online, like that in real life?

The next good movies I have seen, I will filter them for you to refer to. Khiem with this limited knowledge, I hope if there are shortcomings, hope you will contribute to me. Sincerely & sincerely thank you for reading.


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