The Statistics table details the most expensive sneakers of 2016

“The sneaker fever” is a very hot category, not only manipulating the world, but it also grips the global economy. The US market for the sneaker range is nearing a staggering $ 1 billion in value, with a community of retailers raking in more than millions of dollars a year by collecting and collecting pairs Unique rarity, the profits can not be counted on.

Below is a diagram that illustrates the detailed data analysis of the most valuable shoes for hitting the resell market, as well as achieving the highest dollar revenue overall from StockX data agency.

adidas reigns supreme in 2016

In the first quarter of 2015, adidas just launched their first Yeezy shoe. While the Yeezy Boost 750 scored high with a resell worth $ 1416 USD, the rest of the list of most expensive shoes has become the kingdom of the two kings Nike and Jordan. Only a year and a half later, everything changed completely – there was only one Jordan pair in the “10 most expensive shoes” ranking at the beginning of the third quarter, and Nike was not present in this fierce match.

Here is a summary for 2016 (July 1 to September 30) – with data from StockX based on the sale of deadstock (DS) pairs on eBay.

The “Red Apple” NMD_R1 is an extremely limited version of Three Stripes that excelled at the top spot, with an average price of $ 1706 USD (~ 37 million VND) – not surprising as it is the version. limited to only 200 pairs.

The latest Yeezy pair – Boost 350 – followed closely behind, giving themselves a second place, followed by many other NMD models, both Mastermind JAPAN and unique collab collabs from Pharrell. Next is also a member of the Jordan, New Balance and BAPE family. It is a huge change compared to 18 months ago, and shows that adidas has spectacularly risen to dominate the “sneaker craze” in such a short time.

NIKE Not necessarily “fell asleep”

adidas may have “killed” all thanks to the extremely attractive high-tech shoe models, plus the help of Pharell and Kanye, the “damage” to other brands is also considered quite high. . But when it comes to the general ground in the resell market, Nike is still the “old tree” that cannot be shaken. Much of the dollar consumed in the market comes from the Swoosh shoe and the Jumpman logo, and it’s true.

Six of the top 10 most-grossing shoes come from Nike and Jordan, followed by adidas’ Yeezy, with members NMD and Pharrell making the rest of the chart.

Again, there has been a lot of big changes in the past year, as Nike and adidas still compete together on the selling front. Even though this is a good year for adidas, Nike is still a formidable opponent and not inferior, like a long-standing king with extensive experience.


Source: The Statistics table details the most expensive sneakers of 2016