Top 10 Biggest famous sneakerheads to follow on Instagram

Sneaker is always the most interested topic of young people today. Young people always want to own the hottest shoes at the moment. In the world, there are a lot of guys who own a collection of shoes, some of which are not even found on Google or those that many legends use.

Let’s take a look at 10 YouTubers who own an extremely large collection of shoes.

1. The Perfect Pair:

His real name is Gonzales, from Long Beach, California, USA. Currently he is 40 years old and his only hobby is collecting shoes that no one else has. He is a big fan of Michael “The Goat” Jordan. So it is not too difficult to understand when his collection has many Jordan PE (Player Exclusive) pairs. He always collects his favorite used shoes, such as Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, etc …

2. TwoJsKicks

TwoJsKicks is the owner of the famous American resell shop, Urban Necessities. His real name is Jaysse Lopez. Once, he admitted that before he had this huge collection, he was homeless and had to live at the house of his wife, Joanie Lopez. He is one of the most respected sneakerheads, collectors and resellers in the world. He always has the best samples and limited pairs in the world. On Youtube, he always showed people heat. The video is up to 2 hours long and you can see how big his shoe collection is.

3. The Mayor

He is called Mark “Mayor” Farese. He lives in New York, one of the cities with the hottest shoes in the world. In one interview, the Mayor said that he has 3,000 pairs of shoes worth up to $ 750,000.

4. Mr Foamer Simpson

He was born and raised in magnificent New York City. He is one of the most famous YouTubers on Youtube channel. He loves comfy shoes and loves dynamism. Foamer’s videos are always full of humor.

5. Seth Fowler

Maybe a bit biased, although Seth Fowler only has a rather small collection of shoes compared to this list. But he always analyzes the shoes very carefully and equally humorous. As can be seen in the video, he always copes with the hottest shoes on the market.

6. Just Wynn

Just Wynn is a 17 year old guy from Las Vegas, USA. He is a limited reseller at a very young age. The saying that youthful talent is indeed real. When friends of his age were hanging out with friends on weekends, Black Wynn flew to shoe-swapping places like Sneakcon, to resell his shoes. And now, this guy drove a Mercedes-Benz CLA250, bought with his own money.

7. Giancarlo Purch (Blazendary)

Another guy from New York. This young man was born in 2000. Be extremely young. He is also a famous reseller in today’s sneaker world.

8. Blake Linder

The rich guy from California, USA owns an extremely hypebeast and luxury collection. Blake is only 18 years old this year, but already owns a collection worth about $ 1,000,000. He is not a reseller and does not camp a pair of hypebeast shoes. But why could Blake have the best hype out there? The simplest answer is because the Blakes are extremely rich. Once in the video, he said his shoes were bought by his father. Really another rich family.

9. Qias Omar

Referring to sneakers, it is impossible not to mention the long-standing hypebeast on Youtube, Qias Omar. Qias is arguably the oldest and most famous sneaker youtuber. The guy currently lives in California, USA. Qias has a very wide affinity in the sneakerhead world. So it’s no wonder, when the hottest couple currently he owns. Because he was the first sneaker, he was sent by many brands for review. Examples include Jordan Brand, Under Armor and Nike.


CJ owns an extremely magnificent collection. The value of the collection is approximately $ 500,000. There are pairs that are worth up to $ 10,000, because diamonds are attached to the body of the shoe. The guy is considered a famous reseller in the sneakerhead world. Because of his sense of humor, he has a large fan base on Youtube.

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