Top 10 white sneakers for girls going to school / work

Let’s find out: Top 10 white sneakers for girls going to school / work

A dynamic look and youthful style are always the first choice for girls when going to school or work. Putting aside sandals or girly dolls, heels aren’t a priority for a long day. Sneakers will make your movement more convenient. Let’s EACHSHOES Skimming the top 10 white sneakers that suggest a long day but still extremely comfortable and trendy.

1. Bershka – Platform sneakers with XL laces

Starting with a familiar brand in the same house as Zara, sneakers for girls who want to cheat a height of 5cm. The thick sole and large laces create a special feature for the design. Not too ostentatious but also very prominent. Made of polyurethane with polyester insoles and vulcanized rubber soles, the shoe has a decent durability. With a price range of $ 40 a pair of white sneakers comes from Bershka Is a pretty suitable choice for you ladies.

Bershka white sneaker

The brand launched a shoe line with two different types of laces, ribbons and laces. Two types of strings help you to change your style depending on your outfit and mood. Bershka Also suggested mixing the two together to have a very fancy shoes.

Bershka white sneaker

2. Zara – Slogan Platform Sneakers

Another shoe from Zara This season’s collection affirms that it will bring to the normal fashion style of the urban girls. The overall design is not too different from other sneakers. However, the brand has caught the rhythm of the trend of printing letters on shoes. The style is not too new, but the contrast in color helps the wearer to create his own highlight.

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Zara white sneaker

The unique black heel design with embossed “FUTURE” lettering. The pull tab located separately inside gives a new feeling. With prices around $ 50, this white sneaker could top the list to buy.

Zara white sneaker

Zara white sneaker

3. Keds – Champion Originals

One more quality shoe for $ 40 from the brand Keds. As one of the typical shoes for the classic sneaker style, the design has a compact and compact form. Not only minimizing the form, the details are also minimized by the brand to the lowest level. The shoes can coordinate with many different outfits but are still very fashionable. If you need a simple white sneaker with a touch of retro feel, this is definitely a good choice. Keds white sneakers

Keds white sneakers

4. Vans – Slip on

One of the names for everyday fashion to mention is home Vans. With many product lines with a variety of designs, the brand scores the absolute score for the casual fashion style. Mentioned VansAnd I immediately remember slip-ons inspired by the clear Blue Giant Vans x Marvel collection. But no matter how beautiful it is, it is not suitable for school and daily work. But if you still like the brand’s slip on, check out these pure white matching shoes for $ 50.

Vans white sneaker

Vans white sneaker

Maybe one day, the shoes are no longer white as at first, you can go custom to another Hulk.

5. Superga – Multi Color Sneaker

Another suggestion comes from EACHSHOES If you are bored with plain white shoes. Let’s take a look Superga – Multi Color with rainbow color scheme. You can change the laces to white if you want for a less prominent look. With the price range of $ 55, you can diversify to own two different color schemes. white sneaker? Superga

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Not only does the laces stand out, even the insoles and soles also make you admire. Overall the shoes are quite similar to me Keds – Champion Originals mentioned above but more eye-catching.

white sneaker? Superga

6. Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Not too far away with this brand of “parrot”, it seems that for those who love sneaker, own at least 1 child. Converse has just released a collab with Miley Cyrus for June called Pride, which has some white-tone pairs. But the rainbow-colored accents are too colorful for the school and work environment. If you love ConverseLet’s try it out Chuck Taylor All Star This tall neck.

Converse white sneaker

With the price of 55 $ for a basic shoe that can be combined with many different outfits, is it worth it. In addition, we cannot deny the quality that the brand brings is quite durable and the design is not outdated.

Converse white sneaker

7. Skechers – Prima Street Dancer

One of the next shoe impressions is the home’s Prima Skechers with a selling price of around $ 60. The shoes offer a fancy design due to the laces part. The shoelace laces use a unique reflective fabric material. Another color highlight that gives the shoes more color is the silver metalic heel.

White sneaker? Skechers

One of the interesting things is that this white sneaker can help you cheat up to more than 5 cm in height but go undetected. Due to the internal cushioning is up to 2.5 cm thick with anti-shock technology.

White sneaker? Skechers

8. adidas – Arkyn

If you are a fan of the 3-striped house, you probably already know about a recently released product called Arkyn. As a shoe suitable for a lot of movement but still extremely fashionable and not too different. Arkyn With a high aesthetics and embrace comfort thanks to smooth Boost technology. If your job requires a lot of movement then you can consider this white sneaker. Not only for work, you can also use it for light exercise or simply walking around with friends.

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adidas white sneaker

140 $ with many uses and technology for a stylish shoe why not?

adidas white sneaker

9. New Balance® for J.Crew 520

If you are a fan of white and beige the sneakers come from home New Balance will be a great choice. This is a collab with J.Crew. Still carrying on the distinctive signs from the 1970s design, the product creates novelty thanks to the color scheme that has never appeared before.

White sneaker? New Balance

Not exactly a white shoe, this design is mostly ivory and is accented with beige on the logo, heels and sole.

White sneaker? New Balance

10. Nike – Air Max 97 “Triple White”

One of the next white sneaker for up to $ 245 can say this pair of sneaker is not a priority choice for the students, students. But if you love shoes and have a lot of money, why not? Shoes Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon It’s storming in the community, but it’s not easy to own. Why not try to keep an eye on this white color scheme than Ngoc Trinh?

White sneaker? Nike

White sneaker? Nike

If you decide to choose one of the above suggested white sneakers, remember to share the image with EACHSHOES by the hashtag #EACHSHOES on Instagram!


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