Top 5 Fashionista women dressed beautifully at Paris Fashion Week

Last week must have been busy days for women Fashionista. Because at Paris Fashion Week, their fashion sense is always a topic sought by the press. It can be said that the street style outfits presented this time are very elaborate and unique. Many fancy outfits variations were performed on the streets of Paris.

If in New York or London Fashion Week, street style “office” is quite popular, Paris has more prominent colors. The Fashionista has chosen for themselves multi-color items and cleverly combines them. Especially this time, leather materials and neutral tones are more popular.

Let’s join EACHSHOES through the top 5 female Fashionista with the best outfits in Paris Fashion Week 2020

Referring to Paris, people often talk about the stylish and gentle ancient architecture. The fashion style here is the same, the Fashionista women choose for themselves the elegance but mixed a little modern, seductive. Besides colors like black – white and neutral, blue, orange, pink and red are also very popular.

Fashionista Emma is full of elegance

Emma (@ okss2121) is a Fashionista that is accustomed to at fashion weeks every year. Coming to Paris Fashion Week, she chose for herself 2 elegant outfits. The first is a deep, warm red wine tone, inside is a shirt with accents on the collar. Hand bag Chloé fancy color schemes and long-shape earrings increase the elegance.

Luxury red wine outfitFashionista women choose a long black-tone jacket

She is always appreciated for her feminine fashion style, mixed modernity and elegance. The second outfit with a discreet black long coat, dark red handbag and silver boots is a good combination.

It is impossible not to mention the attractive appearance of Korean star – Sandara Park. The former 2NE1 member chose the outfit from Balmain. The short black-toned body dress with personality shoulder bag, unique riveted shoulder bag.

Sandara makes a prominent appearance in Paris
The famous singer attracts the journalist’s lens thanks to her charismatic charisma.
She is also considered the cult Fashionista

In addition, there are 2 other cult fashionista from the land of Kim Chi. It seems that the beauties from Korea always know how to change their style.

Irene Kim has always been the leading Fashionista in Korea
Supermodel Irene Kim (@ireneisgood) appeared prominently on the streets of Paris. Street style is mainly black tones with sparkling coats. More specifically, the black feathery skirt and boots create the highlight for the outfit.
Fancy outfit combined with Balmain bag
She also chose for herself a transparent handbag from the Balmain brand.
Beautiful Kieune from Korea with unique outfits
The beauty @kieunse chose a unique street style inspired by the royal ladies. The mini neck bag is the perfect highlight for the outfit.
She is the beloved Fashionista

Strange set of clothes thanks to a long-sleeved sweater, high hat and unique design jeans.

An elegant and classy outfit

Close the list with the elegant outfit of the blonde Fashionista. Neutral tones and gold handbags, and flip-flops are this season’s hot-item.

She knows how to coordinate neutral outfits

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