Vans Vault continues to assert the class in the basic shoe lines

Vans Vault

Mentioned Vans Vault Then surely if hardcore fans know this is the high-end branch of the Vans family. The Vault series will have small changes but always bring a better experience for the wearer because the sole will be upgraded thicker than the basic line.

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This time, Vault continues to bring more choices with subtle color schemes in 3 main product lines of Vans: Authentic, Slip on and Old Skool.

If those who have been loyal to Vans Authentic, it may be easy to fall in love with the design of a Vault version that not only has a sturdy, strong and sturdy shoe sole but also enjoys the familiar checkerboard motif. in the upper part but fancy variations with new denim blue color increase the health for action sports enthusiasts

With the desire to choose a pair of shoes with very clear outlook, sophisticated and convenient standards, the Vans Vault Slip-On is the best choice. In addition to the distinct shoe sole is a central improvement point, the Vault Slip-On will definitely be an extremely suitable item for those who love classic or modern fashion. And of course you can not forget to mention the special feature in the logo on the heel of the shoe with the “Originals” added as a special creation only for this Vault line.

In this launch, Vans also did not forget to bring Vault Old Skool fans a completely new look by combining checkerboard textures on a denim blue background to combining side tripe with the same color tone. .

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Products will have a quite comfortable price ranging from 1,600,000 – 2,000,000 (VND) and will be officially on shelves from September 13 at all Vans VN systems. If you are a fan of Vans, this is not a bad choice at all, huh?


Source: Vans Vault continues to assert the class in the basic shoe lines

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