2 new color schemes for the adidas Yeezy Boost 650

Not long after the first images of the Yeezy 650 sample were revealed, we continue to come up with newer images of the second color scheme of this Heat product.

The first color scheme
The first color scheme

Similar to the first color scheme, the structure Primeknit of the Yeezy 650 Open knit in the toe and heel can increase ventilation, and dense at the ankle for a better grip. Buffers with similar structure Yeezy 350 but use clear rubber to see the Boost layer inside. Although the image is not too clear, it is temporarily possible to define the next 2 color schemes in the line Yeezy Boost 650 These will be Dark Gray and Light Brown (like Tan). Waiting for more news of Yeezy Boost 650 with EACHSHOES Please.

adidas-Yeezy-Boost-650-1-1 adidas-yeezy-650-boost_03


Source: 2 new color schemes for the adidas Yeezy Boost 650
– Eachshoes.com

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